John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Diet.com is proud to announce a content alliance with fitness superstar Leslie Sansone. Odds are you own one of Leslie’s super-popular exercise DVDs or books. The newest Diet.com blogger is giving you the chance to win a copy of her best-selling book/video combo, Walk Away The Pounds. But first she’s revealing her all-time best fat burner.

Leslie Sansone has sold millions of workout books and tapes. She's also helped millions of men and women lose tens of millions of pounds with her fat-burning secret that really isn't much of a secret.

It's walking. Yes indeed... and today we're talking to the ever-energetic fitness superstar about her foolproof method for burning more calories and fat without leaving home!

The foundation for Leslie's wildly successful fitness program: fat-burning exercise that can be done at home without pricey gadgets or gym equipment.

For the past 27 years, Leslie has been showing the world that our bodies are made to move. With her boundless energy and enthusiasm, Leslie teaches people of all ages and sizes how to get fit, stay fit, and feel better about life -- and she does so simply by talking the talk AND walking the walk!

Leslie is one of the few fitness authorities who take the strain and stress out of getting in shape.

“Staying fit shouldn’t be intimidating or expensive, Leslie says. "I believe you Diet.com fans can start FRESH this spring and walk your way to a better body in time for summer!"

"I love spring! And I love new beginnings! Spring is the best time of the year to 'start fresh' on improving your health. Any of those words sound familiar? Well, this is truly what I believe. We must remind ourselves that it doesn’t matter what our past experiences have been, TODAY is what counts! We are all NEW today!"

Need to lose weight?

Do you really need to lose weight before summer? Walk this way to the best workout ever created. The only equipment you really need: your own two legs!

"Spring is a great time to renew your commitment to a healthy lifestyle," Leslie says. "Grab a fresh notebook and set out to map your goal on paper. An idea of what you want to accomplish is just that, an idea, and it won’t take you where you need to go! You can’t get there without a plan.

"Write your goal down, and set a date on your calendar to start fresh and write out what you want to aspire to. This is your PLAN and the chances of you successfully working your plan are hugely increased just because you wrote it down. You made a commitment!"

Variety is a crucial part of any fitness plan. Surprise your body and mix it up. Short burst of higher intensity movement, bring change.

If you haven't been able to motivate yourself into a workable walk regimen, find walk buddies!

"Thank goodness for walk buddies because we all need them," Leslie says. "Grab a friend or a family member, co-worker and workout. Set a walk workout date with them. If weather permits, go outside. This can also motivate you to pick up the pace. Share the miles with a walk buddy. It makes you accountable and it can be fun.

Remember to eat sensibly

"Remember, don’t forget to add eat sensibly. Diet.com can provide the sensible advice you need. Check out their great tips for nutritional help!

"It is taking the first step in each day that does matter. It will allow you to easily burn fat, tone muscle and reduce stress right in your own home. No complicated steps from me. It is just YOU being consistent, setting time for yourself and mixing it up this month getting re-energized and busting through plateaus."

Great advice Leslie! I've been a fan - and friend -- of Leslie's common-sense coaching for the past 5 years. When I became editor here at Diet.com, I KNEW I had to bring Leslie and her walking program along with me.

OK, so now that we have you ready to put your best foot forward and kick off a walking program you can do indoors as well as out, let's give you the chance to win Leslie's best-selling Walk Away The Pounds. It's a book that includes a DVD; it's also the perfect way to get started to that new body you've been dreaming of!

For a chance to win one of 10 book/DVD packages, simply write me, John McGran, through my Diet.com profile page. Scroll up to the upper right corner and click into the About JohnMc link. From there, go to upper left of my profile page and click into the link that allows you to write me a message.

Now, all you need to do is provide your ...    Continue

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@ 7:37pm ET on March 20, 2008
yes? Ya! hurrah! :D welcome to diet.com!! YEY!

@ 8:05pm ET on March 20, 2008
am I missing something? What is the secret? BTW.. yes, welcome, just surprised when expecting more..,,Judy

@ 11:40am ET on March 23, 2008
Sorry gang...the wrong launch date was used. My bad! The feature has been updated. Please enjoy Leslie and her weekly advice.

@ 10:13am ET on March 24, 2008
Hi first time reader here. I don't see where the "fat burner" secret it. It can't be walking because thats not a secret as far a Leslie goes. Thats what Leslie Sansone is known for.

@ 10:15am ET on March 25, 2008
Hello i am a diabitic since 4 to 5 yrs i need to know about diebitic diet can u pleas help me. my abdominal is very fat so what exercise i ned to do can u pleas help me.

@ 2:05am ET on March 26, 2008
so i live in oregon and it rains most of the year i hate walking outside in it what can you do at home for free with out spending a lot of money and still get the exercise you need on those rainy spring days here in oregon

@ 5:58am ET on March 26, 2008
Walking is something almost anyone, any age and at any fitness level can do. My sister walks with her cane. You just start at a few steps and work up to more. The more you do the more you want to do. Too many peoples think it takes alot of money to get to get fit but it is just as simple as Leslie makes it to be!

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