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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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Are you ready to get hip to the best workout for slimmer hips? Roll with it, baby!

In this Diet.com exclusive interview, super trainer Ashley Borden, co-author of the book Your Perfect Fit (McGraw-Hill), reveals the surprisingly easy ways to trim your bottom line.

Ashley and co-author Paige Adams-Geller are serving up fitness and fashion tips for a well-rounded shape-up!

"It was love at first lunch," Ashley says of her union with fashion guru Paige, who has her own line of trendy jeans.

"We wanted to get our message out -- you can look your best at any size or shape. We help women look their best from the inside out.

"We know what fits you and what makes you look your best."

The key: balance and symmetry no matter what size or what you are wearing.

Ashley and Paige offer a refreshing alternative to beauty and fitness experts who preach "my way or the highway."

"We don't tell you what we think looks good," Ashley says. "We look at YOU and tell you what will make you look best for your size and shape."

Ashley says that just as a professional athlete is genetically gifted, so too is the gorgeous model. And you should not think you can magically mirror that look without working hard at it.

What you can do is take the advice of the Your Perfect Fit authors and make the effort to make the changes that will help you look your personal best.

"The biggest waste is for someone to sit and wish they looked like someone else," Ashley says.

Ashley, who had an eating disorder as a young girl, stresses that while you cannot spot reduce trouble spots like your hips, you can fit in the workout moves that will help you make a dent faster.

Little Things Means a Lot

Ashley may not be a nutritionist, but she knows a good diet is extremely important for a healthier, better-looking body. A key addition to your diet: 3-6-9 omega oil. Her favorite brand is Udo's Oil:

"It's a vegetarian blend of what fish eat â€" organic and the highest level," she notes. "It's a great way for people who are disgusted by fish oil to get their Omega oils. You'll see body changes 500 times faster if you eat correctly."

Small Step #2

"I am a firm believer in 'pre-hab' work -- and that includes foam rollers before you exercise," Ashley says. "You'll roll out your body and prevent pain that can lead to rehab."

Ashley says many of us sit all day and our hips get bent out of shape and starting hurting us. Her foam roller warm-up works out the kinks and gets the body ready for a more effective workout.

Tip #3

"Wear a heart rate monitor... a very basic one," she urges. "Once you understand your target heart rate you'll workout better and get more fat-burning benefits.

"You'll use your time wisely. This and warming up are two very important things for reducing hips and toning other trouble spots!"

Much like the Diet.com program, Your Perfect Fit prescribes lifestyle change. Ashley says it's the only way to get healthy and stay that way for life.

So what works in your battle to look your best, hip-wise?

Forget secrets of the Hollywood stars.

Ashley has worked with many celebrities and she's found that even the beautiful people of Tinseltown believe there are shape-up "secrets" that others know about.

"The secret is THERE ARE NO SECRETS," Ashley promises.

In Your Perfect Fit, Ashley and her co-author Paige Adams-Geller say this about women frustrated with wide hips:

● Excess body fat can make your hips, and everything else, appear larger.

● When your glutes start to spread from lack of use, your hips start to look wider.

● The size of your hips is based on the positioning of your hip bones. If you have widely spaced hip bones, then you'll always have wider hips, no matter how in shape you are. However, having narrow hip bones doesn't mean you're a toned goddess. Narrow hips can still be covered in a layer of fat and need proper exercise.

● Simply put, women carry more body fat around their hips than in most other areas, thanks to their evolutionary function as child bearers. (Don't hate men for having narrow hips â€" that's the way they are built.) We are meant to have curves because we're meant to be givers of life â€" it's really a blessing! As women we should embrace the beautiful curves and silhouette of our bodies.

On A Roll

One of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of your hips is by "rolling out." Think of your legs as a piece of uncooked brisket. Before you put the meat in the oven, it's a hunk of solid muscle. Once it cooks, it becomes stringy in texture.

Rolling out your legs does the same thing. The muscles warm up and the ligaments separate, allowing more blood to pump through your body, thereby increasing your metabolic rate. It's a deeper move than just stretching, because it kicks your whole body into gear.

Ashley says you'll need:

● A yoga or gym mat

● A foam roller or PVC pipe from your local home-improvement store (approximately 3 feet by 4 inches)

● ...    Continue

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