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Well, since I know I can get online this week it makes it easier to keep up on reading the articles and other tips for weight, injuries, kids and whatnot :)

I have a "EEEEEEEK" ... while I do have a weight goal in mind for a wedding I am going to in April, I also have a trip over the summer, and a quinceanera in the fall !!! (mind you the first wedding I know some of the people.. the other 2 events.. I really don't know anyone lol) So... definitely wanting to be in better shape !
The plus side to the split from hubby is that with all the packing and rearranging Im doing.. I'm still dropping pounds !!!
I talked with my dad though (I got a fitted knee brace in 2012..and am just too fat to fit it!) about how my bad knee is getting worse..and it's starting to strain my good knee... So we figured that if I use an ACE bandage to "support" my knees, I should be able to do a bit more (both rearranging the house AND getting back to my workouts!!) SUPER Excited.. not sure why I didnt think of the ACE wraps !!

So... while I am NOT making the 10% goal for the WLC.. I have still managed to drop 13# in 7wks.. so thats not too bad (Dec 13 to Jan 31)
Praying I can keep that up... and if the ACE helps.. I'll be able to do much more than that !! :) Before my knee got bad I could go down 20# in 6wks..and that is what I would love to do this year !!
The best part is that if the ACE works, and I don't go "all out" like I tend to do.... The combo of whatever Im doing now (moving around??) and being able 2 workout.. I can drop 20# in just over 4wks..and keep it OFF !!
Stress is a part of life.. but I traded all the unnecessary (at home) in.. for a happy home with my kids, and I can handle anything else life throws !! (now to remember that when I get blue!)
:) Much better feeling than even the last post I made... won't be so cheery when we get home and spouse is there.. but that won't last long ;)

~ Feeling happy this week ~ :)
Lazy week (just a mini vacation 4 me n kiddies) so I don't expect any change in weight.. but I'll be ready to kick it when we go home ! :)

@ 12:35pm ET on February 3, 2014
Keep up the good work. I know personally how injuries or hurt body parts can seem to hinder us but just keep in mind, something is better then nothing. Don't push yourself too hard and cause a worse injury. Seek professional medical care if possible. Sometimes with Ace wraps it does give knee some much needed support but it is not a permission slip to push yourself to the max. Take it easy the best you can. Much luck to you. You seem to have a high drive and a gal that knows what she wants and what she has to do to get there. Stay positive!!!!

@ 5:34pm ET on February 3, 2014
Hoping that your knee does start to feel better! Your weight loss is really fabulous - very impressive!! Keep up the great work :)

@ 5:05pm ET on February 10, 2014
I hope you had a nice mini-vacation :) Is your knee feeling better?

@ 11:38am ET on March 24, 2014
~ the mini Vacation was great for the kids and I :) Have not had any more major issues with my knee, I think it helps that I am done with all the heavy lifting and moving around lol :)

@ 11:40am ET on March 24, 2014
~ I do have a doctor issued brace for my bad knee, but with weight gain... can't wear it, so hoping to get down enough to wear it for the added support. Ace helped, as did resting up from the over-exertion :)

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