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In the past, I have had three roadblocks to tracking my food intake all day. And whenever I have not tracked, I have frequently gone a bit crazy with the food. So here is my plan to track the whole day:

1) I can easily track during the weekdays because I have Diet.com on my computer at work all day. But I don’t on evenings or weekends because I don't turn my computer on much. My solution for this is to use a notepad to record meals at home and add them to the tracker the next time I’m online.

2) The second problem is forget what I read on the labels when I packed my lunch by the time I try to track it. So I’m going to include a note with the information when I pack them.

3) The third problem is when I have food I didn’t plan for at work that I can’t find approximations for on the tracker. I have a book that I can refer to at home, so today I bought a second book to use at work.

I'm already tracking my exercise well enough. But I have been only been tracking my mood when I’m bored. So now I’m going to write in it daily, short entries to record my energy levels and mood (like today I feel: energetic, cheerful, depressed, overwhelmed... Energy level: high, med, low).

These are all pretty simple things to do, but if any of them do not work for me, I will make adjustments and keep you posted!

@ 9:33pm ET on January 11, 2007
Those are some really original ideas.. I think I may have to borrow the idea to put a note with nutrition info in my lunch bag. :)

It's the simple things that really end up making the biggest difference!

@ 4:47pm ET on January 12, 2007
Well, "for want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For want of a horse, the battle was lost. For want of the battle, the war was lost..." Or in this case, for want of nutritional info, the meal was written off as an opportunity to eat more than I wanted or needed!

Simple things are definitely important, as is the creativity to come up with ways to make things work. And you are most welcome to borrow any ideas you like, with my blessings! It's working so far for me. If you try it, let me know if it works for you too!

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