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It's been a really busy couple of weeks, but while the exercise has been challenging to fit in, at least I was able to keep the healthy meals going. I made a big batch of minestrone for dinners this week (226 calories, 2 g fat!). Easy to just take one out of the fridge and heat it up when I'm tired.

Minestrone is a recent discovery for me. I generally won't eat soup unless it is creamy because the others are usually so watery I feel hungry faster than I would with Chinese food (or at least that is my perception no matter how chunky the soup is). But I got some at work one day when it was free and I was feeling experimental and loved it. And Bear Creek makes a mix that you just add to boiling water and voila! My kind of cooking! :)

It's not exactly cheap (about $5), but considering you are getting eight cups out of it, it is pretty cost-efficient. I added some frozen veggies and fake chicken strips and it's still light on the calories.

Okay, so nothing about nuts this time, although maybe later I'll scrounge up some info about almonds, one of my favorite nuts.

@ 3:31pm ET on February 22, 2007
Mmmm...I love minestrone! I've heard the Bear Creek mixes are good. I also find a nice alternative to creamy soup is a puree-style blender soup. You can whip them up in a real hurry. Use things like cooked broccoli (or carrots, tomatoes, whatever), toss in some seasonings (I love ginger with carrots), and add some low-fat cottage cheese for protein/creamy taste. Voila! Yummy, imitation cream soup with way less fat. You can portion it into containers and microwave it in a couple of minutes when you're ready to eat. This is also a good way to get your veggies :)

@ 4:21pm ET on February 22, 2007
Ooo, that does sound yummy! I've had some commercially-produced ginger cashew carrot soup before that was really good, but expensive. But it would be nice to be able to make it or other types myself! Thanks for the tip, Bird77!

I've had the Bear Creek potato soup, adding fake sausage crumbles and mushrooms and it was divine! Didn't freeze too well, but it was delicious while it lasted! Can't vouch for the calories though.

@ 1:46am ET on April 6, 2020
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