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You know how people can sometimes hear a piece of good advice and unconsciously decide, "oh, there are times when that wouldn't help me?" Right now I'm talking about tracking. Specifically, tracking food when eating things I know are high calorie.

In the past if I have eaten something I think will totally blow the day for me, I have skipped tracking the rest of the day, thinking there was no point.

Also, if I'd thought I'd blown it already, I would have eaten more at dinner and then I really would have gone over my limit.

But earlier this week I had a few "things"... a brownie, two cookies, and I can't remember what else. And this time I went ahead and tracked them along with the rest of the day. I just ate more sensibly in the evening (minestrone is my saviour these days!). And because I tracked everything I knew I had still managed to stay within my calorie limits (rather than just assuming I had blown it)... and lost a pound that day!

All this is something of a holdover from my more extreme dieting days, when I felt I had to be constantly "good" and was losing weight at a rate faster than was healthy. I guess I'm still trying to get used to keeping to a slower, more sustainable rate of loss.

@ 3:26pm ET on March 1, 2007
GREAT RECOVERY! It just goes to show we don't have to deprive ourselves of the things we love... moderation and setting the right expectations go a long way.

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