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So far so good with the changes I’ve made. I’ve kept up with the exercise and tracking (only missed Sunday dinner so far), so on to the next “life tweak.”

As a Fast Pacer, I am susceptible to having various “crises” and other distractions shift my focus from taking care of myself. So I let exercise slide because I need the sleep or grab fast food because I don’t have time to cook.

Anyway, one of Dr. Kushner’s recommendations was to journal about what benefits I gain from taking care of myself and what would happen if I did not. These turned out to be quite an eye opener. But I knew I would need to do something to keep the impact of what I’ve learned and my goal fresh and current in my mind.

So I decided to borrow and adapt an idea from the AHA’s Choose to Move program. They offer a calendar/tracker to put on your computer desktop that has a daily tip or motivational saying. What I’m doing is use Yahoo’s reminder feature (you can also use MS Outlook’s tasks) to send me periodic questions to answer. I’ll probably intersperse them with tips and sayings (I’ve heard some great ones on this site already!). It may be a lot of work initially, but I think it will pay off big time when the next distraction comes around.

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