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Well, I went snowshoeing with my parents Saturday for about an hour and a half (they were able to go longer than I'd anticipated!). Was my first time using my poles and they turned out to be a great help keeping balanced! I'm actually not sore though. I wasn't pushing myself hard because I was trying to keep an eye on my mom since it was her first time and she is just getting started fitness-wise. But it was still a lot of fun and we are talking about doing it some more, working up to being able to do it in the mountains.

The new treadmill is doing great as well. Did a half-hour Saturday (before the snowshoeing) and an hour on Sunday. So far I've only been doing 3 mph, which with my stubby, chubby legs from Texas (I have a theory that people from Southern states tend to walk more slowly because it's hard to walk fast in the heat; whereas people from the North tend to walk quickly because they need to keep warm) is pretty fast, but I'm already seeing a decrease in my heartrate (the treadmill has a pulse monitor), so I'm probably ready to push myself to go faster now. Then when I get the speed up to 4 mph (or during, I'm not sure about my strategy on this yet), I'll add in some incline. Anybody got any ideas on which is best, adding speed or incline first?

@ 2:56pm ET on February 5, 2007
I don't have any advice on the treadmill questions but I wanted to say thank you for sharing your snowshoe adventure. You actually make exercise sound like it could be fun.

Thanks for sharing.

@ 6:57pm ET on February 5, 2007
You are most welcome!! It definitely was fun! Everything was quiet except for the crunch/slide of the snowshoes. We were able to witness nature undisturbed, including rabbit tracks, the clear water of the running creek, and hear birds calling. The spikes on the snowshoes made it easy to keep my footing on what ice we encountered (something I tend to be ultra-careful about, especially after slipping and banging my head really hard recently). We were well-bundled, even wearing snow pants, so the cold and wind weren't an issue. And my mom got some good photos to send to my brother back in Texas.

@ 9:51pm ET on February 5, 2007
Snowshoeing sounds like fun! I have been wanting to try it for a while. As for the treadmill I heard that having the incline set at 1 will increase calories burned, but I'm sure increased speed will do the same.

@ 10:12pm ET on February 5, 2007
I find I have to increase the incline to get my heart rate up because there's only so fast I can walk, and I can't get my heart rate high enough with speed alone. I hate running on the treadmill (feels weird--I like running on real ground), so to get good benefits I end up using a very steep incline along with a brisk walking pace. I'd suggest playing with the settings until you find a pace that you feel good at with enough incline to get the heart going enough.

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