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Well, the week was super busy and so far, I've managed to keep to plan. Had a birthday to go to, but split the dessert with my mom. Haven't lost anything, but haven't gained either. But I have two more days before the "official" weigh-in and my doctor's appointment.

It's going to be tricky though, these next two days. I'll be at home the whole time, which is where I have most of my biggest temptations. At work, I have limited access to food, but at home, it's all there and waiting for me.

My plan to deal with those temptations is to keep busy. So far this morning, I have backed up my computer, made sure it was able to handle daylight savings time, updated my virus software, and did some contract work (I do a little website management and desktop publishing on the side). I've made a list of things I need to do to this weekend and am determined to check off the bulk of it's items. And I will plan out each meal before I eat it.

Oh yeah, and because the doctor will be testing my bloodsugar, I need to make sure I am as hydrated as possible. Because if I don't, it will be extremely hard for the nurses to find a vein that is strong enough to not collapse. Last time I went, I wasn't hydrated enough and it took two nurses and three punctures to get a sample. And let me tell you, punctures on the back of the hand hurt when work on a computer all day!

I imagine it actually won't be too difficult to keep to plan today because I am aware of what I'm doing. It's usually when my mind is on other things that I lose track and just eat. The trick is maintaining my focus when the world gets busy!

@ 12:55pm ET on March 10, 2007
Good luck at the Doctor's!

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