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My treadmill arrived last night and all the parts were there (whew!) and it all works! I jumped on it almost as soon as the delivery guys were gone (the cats needed feeding or else it would have been) and did a 30-minute workout while watching some Dr. Who. My extroverted cat sat on his perch and watched me and the machine with fascination the whole time.

Now I just want to get my tv set up so that I can listen to it on headphones. The treadmill is a bit noisy, so I have to turn the tv up a lot.

And my parents' snowshoes came in as well, so we are going snowshoeing tomorrow (the last time I was going to with friends, everybody copped out because the temperatures were in the single digits). I just talked to Mom and I think they are relieved because I had chosen a trail on the flatlands to go on (they were afraid I was going to choose a mountain trail). But I told them none of us are ready to go in the mountains just yet. This will be their first time ever and my third time. Now if I can just figure out how to bring some hot tea with us...

@ 2:45pm ET on February 2, 2007
Take a small backpack with a thermos of tea and some cups along with some healthy snacks. Then you can take a little rest break. I'd also pack a small first aid kit, a cell phone, and spare mitts/hat.

@ 3:57pm ET on February 2, 2007
OH how fun!!! Congrats on your new tread mill. I am hoping one day to spend more time in my exercise room.

I agree with Bird77, take a small back pack and a thermos of hot tea with you. Most importantly have fun. Let us know how your snowshoing trip is.

@ 4:28pm ET on February 2, 2007
Thanks for the advice, both of you! We probably won't be out much more than a half hour, but I think I will pack a backpack. Unfortunately, I don't have a thermos, but maybe I can jerry-rig something with a waterbottle, insulated carrier, and some of those 8-hour hand warmers packed inside.

@ 8:57am ET on February 25, 2020
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