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I am a very enthusiastic person. When something catches my interest, I sometimes get a little extreme in my choices. I have had times when I was eating so little during the day that I had to consistently eat something high calorie in the evening to get enough calories for the day. My most recent weight loss was 30 pounds in about 5 weeks. I was "in love" and just wasn't hungry (and wasn't exercising, either!).
But every time I lost weight quickly, I did it in ways I could not sustain. And as soon as I stopped what I was doing, I gained back all that I had lost and more -- just about as quickly.
So this time I intend -- and am managing so far -- to lose weight at a more reasonable rate. No 10-hour weeks at the gym. No only-nonfat (and yellow... not sure how that happened, and it wasn't intentional, but everything on my plate was a shade of yellow for a while) foods.
And so I'm making more of an effort to get cardio and strength, and flexibility into my workouts. I was getting so caught up in exercise videos, first a strength one, then the Walk Away the Weight ones, that I forgot to do the other types.
I wonder if it is possible to get extreme about moderation...

@ 11:17am ET on January 25, 2007
When you know what you need to do for a healthy lifestyle, it's easy to get caught up in extremes... but that just leads to a backlash of negative extremes when you can't handle it any more. You're doing a great job in recognizing what you need to do and what is considered an extreme. Maintaining moderation may have slow effects, but it will lead to lifelong positive results that are easy to maintain because it becomes your lifestyle. Even in moderation you can add variety in your diet and exercise without going to extremes. Try different healthy recipes and switching up your types of exercise. Keep up the recognition and the moderation, and add some twists! You can do it!

@ 7:27pm ET on January 30, 2007
Thanks! It's going to be quite a challenge not to go overboard again after this Thursday. My new treadmill is being delivered! Today my boss was talking about starting out with five minutes and upping it incrementally, but my brain was going, "Five minutes!!??? I want to start with an hour!" We'll see what actually happens! ;-)

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