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I've been struggling a lot with the weight lately and maintaining overall but not losing. But now I face one of my greatest threats -- vegan donuts!

I'm vegetarian and try to make as many vegan choices as I can. And a local vegan grocery makes twice-yearly trips to Las Vegas to a bakery that makes vegan donuts (the regular type have egg powder in them).

The last time they made this trip, I order 20 of them, intending to freeze and dole them out. However, I ate all 20 in 5 days!

I can't simply not order any because I know I will feel super deprived. I adore donuts and, most especially, apple fritters. So now I'm trying to figure out how many to allow myself and how to keep from scarfing them all down in one night!

@ 1:00pm ET on February 27, 2007
Do you have a friend who will let you put them in her freezer? That way, you have to go somewhere else and make arrangements to access them. In the long term, you have to learn to say "no" by yourself, but this might be a possible strategy for now.

@ 4:26pm ET on February 27, 2007
I used to do things like that, I hate to admit it though. . . .Anyway, I would tell myself that there are _____ (number of donuts) and if I eat one a day, I will have donuts for nearly a month. If I eat two a day, I will have donuts for 1/2 a month. If I eat four a day, I will have donuts for only 5 days. There will be donuts there tomorrow, and if I take the time and enjoy each bite, then I will be able to enjoy donuts for a long time.

@ 6:53pm ET on February 27, 2007
I could ask my mother to freeze them for me (although that would mean tempting her while she's trying to lose weight as well, which I don't really want), but it's probably best that I "learn to say 'no' by myself" now rather than later. Otherwise I'll just keep putting off the later and it will never happen. But thanks for the suggestion, Bird!

@ 6:56pm ET on February 27, 2007
I totally know what you mean, Steffeysue! That is exactly what I did (and kept changing the duration). Unfortunately for me, when there's donuts calling to me from the freezer, the future has no meaning. ;)

@ 9:22am ET on February 28, 2007
Practice, practice, practice!!! LOL That's the best way. Keep practicing postive self-talk, and you will win the war, not just the battle. Tell yourself, "See you can eat just one and have a positive self-image, plus, there will still be a donut again, tomorrow!!" etc.

@ 11:55am ET on February 28, 2007
Thanks, Steffeysue! Today I'm feeling more positive that I can be sensible this time. I realized that last time I wasn't as focused on losing weight, nor was I tracking. I had a good day yesterday, in spite of some impromptu goodies, so I've got a better chance. But I'm still not getting another 20! ;)

@ 12:24pm ET on February 28, 2007
Speaking of treats in the freezer, I bought some gluten-free cinnamon buns, and I'm having to carefully ration them too. Cinnamon buns are not something celiacs get very often, so it's hard to maintain control and not devour them!

@ 1:13pm ET on February 28, 2007
You know, I had a small piece of cinnamon roll last week and realized it wasn't the sugar or the roll that I was craving, but the cinnamon! So I cooked a yam and added cinnamon and low-fat margarine to it. Wasn't quite cinnamon-y enough, so I'm still trying to scratch that itch, but I'm looking for alternatives.

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