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So I was reading these contest rules, and my first post was due on 9/26. It is technically 9/27 right now, being 1:30am EST. If you really want to split hairs, I did grow up in California, so I'm going to assume that really my clock operates at a Pacific groove, and hopefully these folks at won't rule me out because I'm a little overdue. After all, it's only 10:30pm out in the West.

Besides, being an emergency veterinarian, 1:30am is sorta like my mid-afternoon. At this time of the evening I'm usually running through my overnight patients, or finishing my medical records from the night's action receiving on the door here in the west 'burbs of Boston.

But this is a weight loss blog... or is it? Speaking of weight loss, last year I decided enough was enough, and dropped 25 pounds , only to gain 10 back in winter comfort. And speaking of, I love steak and red wine. Typing these words mean these will have to cut back on these, at least for now. I'm sweating from the constant humidity still, which truly should be enough to lose at least a few pounds of water weight, but I can tell there is a chill in the wind at night, signalling the changing of the summer guard to the cloak of fall.

Better. Faster. Stronger. These are my goals. I think of the washboard abs. Somehow I look to my father, my brother, myself... and simply can't imagine my Cossack ancestors every wielding the six-pack abs. But hey, there is no time like the present, yes?

@ 1:27pm ET on September 27, 2011
You can do it Terence!!!

@ 2:17pm ET on September 27, 2011
Great job on the weight loss so far! And good luck with recommitting and making progress on a healthier you :)

@ 4:28pm ET on September 27, 2011
Seize the day! Good luck!

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