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Hey Diet.com members and visitors!

We are right on the cusp of the seasons, with Summer changing to Fall and a whole slew of new dieters arriving to Diet.com for a post-Summer boost in motivation!

Just because we're putting away our bathing suits doesn't mean we should abandon taking care of our birthday suits (teehee)!! Your fitness and diet routines should still be a top priority for you this Fall - you know, your health and your body stay with you even when the seasons change!

So to make sure that we all stay focused on our goals this season, all of us here at Diet.com are challenging you to blog with us everyday for two weeks - from Monday, September 26 to Sunday October 9, join us for our Diet.com Fall Blog Challenge!

Diet.com Fall Blog Challenge

That's 2 weeks of blogging at least once a day to stay on track, stay focused, stay motivated, stay connected and stay accountable! We believe that you could even lose up to 5 lbs in that time... What do you say?!

Diet.com members know that when it comes to your diet and weight loss, keeping yourself accountable is a great tool for staying motivated. And what better way to stay accountable than by checking in daily with your own personal support system - the Weight Loss Community here on Diet.com!

So between Monday September 26 - Sunday October 9, 2011, we challenge you to blog everyday as you challenge yourself to drop pounds! The 2-week Fall Blog Challenge will be a great way to kick off the Autumn on a motivated note. Share with us your daily successes or setbacks via your Diet.com blog. Blog about your meals, your activities, your exercise, your goals, your life... anything that will help you hold yourself accountable to the rest of the Diet.com Weight Loss Community.

Ohhhh, and did I forget to mention that we've got PRIZES to give away?!

Silly me ;)

The Grand Prize Winner of this Fall Blog Challenge will win a $200 Visa Gift Card*! A runner up Challenger will receive a $50 Visa Gift card, and a special "Social Media Winner" will also receive a $50 Visa Gift Card.

In addition, the Grand Prize Winner will earn a free 1-year premium membership to Diet.com (a value of $139.35), with the runner up and social media winners each earning a free 6-month premium Diet.com membership (an $85.65 value each).

Ten other inspirational Challenge participants will also be selected to receive free 6-month premium memberships to Diet.com.

The Grand Prize Winner will be determined by:

  • # of blogs posted (a maximum of 14 blogs total will be counted towards the Challenge (1/day), but feel free to post more if you'd like!)

  • # of lbs lost (we recommend a healthy rate of weight loss - 1-2 lbs per week... You could lose around 5 lbs during this Challenge!)

  • In the event of a numerical tie (same # of lbs lost and same # of blogs posted by multiple Challengers), we'll look at other factors to determine a Grand Prize winner and runner up - such as quality of blog (length, etc.), amount of social media interaction on your blogs (Likes, Tweets, etc.), and the support that each Challenger has offered other Challengers, in the form of comments on others' blogs! We want you guys to help make this community the strongest ...    Continue

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    @ 9:39am ET on September 19, 2011
    Do we just add our "blogs" do the "Weight Loss Community"? Is there an official entry or contest sign up?


    @ 10:02am ET on September 19, 2011
    Your Diet.com blog automatically shows up in "Diet Blogs" section, which "lives" under our Weight Loss Community tab. There will be no "sign-up" page - anyone who posts a blog during the Challenge duration will be included in the Challenge and eligible to win!

    @ 1:47pm ET on September 19, 2011
    great .. thanks.

    @ 1:19am ET on September 26, 2011
    HOW EXCITING. This is exactly what I need!!! I was just reading in a magazine, that keeping track online makes you more likely to lose weight!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!

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