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Diet with Dr. Tabor

by Aaron Tabor, MD Diet & Anti-Aging Expert

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Another 'miracle' weight loss pill has been found to contain the drug sibutramine, which was marketed as the prescription weight loss pill Meridia before being pulled from the market.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a press release[1] on December 31st warning consumers not to use Fruta Planta weight loss products because FDA testing has revealed that they are contaminated with sibutramine, a drug withdrawn from the market earlier in December for safety reasons. Sibutramine is known to cause an increase in blood pressure and/or heart rate in some individuals, thereby posing a potentially serious risk for individuals with poor heart health. The FDA reports that they have received several reports of adverse events associated with Fruta Planta.

According to the Fruta Planta website, Reduce Weight Fruta Planta is an all-natural weight loss pill with the active ingredients lemon, bitter melon, papaya, Benefit fruit, and spirulina maxima. This diet pill is marketed to help individuals lose weight by reducing their appetite and helping them fight daily hunger cravings WITHOUT diet and WITHOUT exercise. The manufacturer of Reduce Weight Fruta Planta, PRock Marketing LLC, has voluntarily issued a recall of all lots of their weight loss products in response to the FDA's discovery of sibutramine in them. According to the FDA, consumers should stop using this product immediately, while the recall notice recommends that consumers should discard the product in a sealed container out of the reach of children and animals or return it to the company.

This is not the first dietary supplement weight loss product found to be contaminated with sibutramine. Back in July 2010, the FDA warned consumers that the weight loss supplements Slimming Factor Capsule and Slim-30 Herb Supplement were adulterated with sibutramine. Both of these products were also marketed as 'all natural' weight loss pills that provide great results, apparently without the need for dieting.

Remember, the best weight loss plans still focus on diet and exercise. While, weight loss pills can have a place in a healthy weight loss plan, it is important to be careful about the diet pills we choose. If you are starting a weight loss plan, be sure to discuss your plan with your physician and include a discussion of any diet pills you might be considering.

Healthy Regards,

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Aaron Tabor, MD
Diet, Anti-Aging, and Nutritional Cosmetic Expert
Author of Dr. Tabor’s Diet and FIGHT NOW.

Learn more about Dr. Tabor’s diet and anti-aging research at www.DrTabor.com.
Visit Dr. Tabor on QVC.


  1. FDA Press Release. FDA warns consumers not to use Fruta Planta weight loss products. December 31, 2010; URL: https://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm238491.htm.

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People, at times, get disappointed with results of the weight loss programs that they are using to get rid of their excess weight. The reasons can be many, but the levels of frustration are the same. Some even stop their weight loss program altogether. While others decide to change it or do something extra. For such people, slimming pills have come as a hot new effective solution for their weight loss.
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