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Well, I still dont log in often lol, got irritated with my phone when trying to post here :(

So.. I'm holding still between 193 and 204 :( and I do walk... 3-8miles a day!!! but... I also 1)dont eat regular meals 2) dont eat proper food 3) too much soda 4) 2-3hr sleep a day... and so many other things that are NOT good.

BUT... I went from a size 38x32 mens... down... and I bought size 17jeans.. (bought 4pair 17, 1pair 16 and 3pair 14/15) because I just knew 17 was my size... since i had an old old pair at home lol... turns out... I spent (ouch $25 each pair) all that money.. on jeans I cant wear... they are too big!!! I am in 13/14 jeans and L.O.V.I.N.G it :) :) :)
I'm working 53-68hrs a week at one job, and 20-25 at the 2nd job.
Qualified for a car.. so I'll have a vehicle next friday if they still have the one I want... ;) payweek didnt work out right for me to get it last week when I got approved.
So... leveled out on weight.. not overly upset.. working TOO much... but need the income.. Kids are still adjusting but doing well in school and other areas, still have the house ...and still paying it ontime..if not early! (lets see the note-holder say Im the reason payments were late..geez... lol) and working on the redecorating/remodeling... Since it's more dry weather than snow/rain now... kids and I are starting to clean up the yard... between Me, the kids, and the ex (nope.. he didnt last long... knight in shining armor..was an @ss in tinfoil... I was just too bowled over to realize it any faster) We are planning a garden outside !!! cant wait to hit the store and buy all my starters :) :)
On the guy front.. he was a dream come true.. to begin with... now I see the kind of guys I seem to attract.. and I'm working on "myself" to build me up so I dont fall for the stupid bs anymore.
I have met a guy(newbie) here in town, wh actually does "dates" ;) as in... dinner conversation... nothing more!!! :) Loving it and love that he is being so great since I said I want to take it slow.. and slow means.... S.L.O.W. ... ;) not his preferencxe but we hit it off well so he's being great about it! If nothing else.. We'll always be friends like we are now lol

So.. I've been talking with a friend and she & I help each other learn so much.. between the field of work, and ourselves... working with behavior disorders, working through life issues...
There are so many many things that would bug the crap out of me (like the weight leveling off!) yet I can say.. I wish I was losing.. but I don't care that Im not... I have friends who love me, a newbie who thinks Im pretty... even if he thinks I make lots of dumb choices lol (hey... I said I did... he just agreed)

;) So... positivity is working to some degree... ;)
Happy Easter... and hopefully my weight loss changes will kick in with the nicer weather !!!


@ 8:10pm ET on April 5, 2015
~ just a note.. I notice I ramble.. thats not just a typing thing.. I do it when I talk too lol ;)

@ 3:55pm ET on April 6, 2015
It's great to hear from you! Wowza, you are busy! I hope you can find small moments throughout each day to give yourself a breather. I've heard even 5 minutes of quiet meditation can do wonders! :) Hope to hear more from you again soon - congrats on all those "too big" jeans!! Hopefully you were able to return them all!

@ 9:21am ET on April 7, 2015
Don't apologize for being chatty! Feels like you are talking to us, it's nice hearing about the real life. ya know, kids, house, gardening, shopping, diet, men, bills, work. Sleep is important though, women should get at least 7 hours of sleep.

@ 3:21pm ET on April 8, 2015
CSL~ honestly... I average 1.75-3.5 hours of sleep a day.. since end of February.. I feel like I pass myself in the hall... On the Jeans... I'm going to resell cheap since they cute jeans, but with no vehicle (bought a few weeks ago and wont have a car for a few more days) I cannot return them :(

ArticMom :) Thank you! I do feel I ramble and I know I'l repeat my rants lol, but man... so many things factor into weight and gain/losses... I know I would love 7 hours of sleep.. but with bills and recovering from big old bills after the ex left... I either lose everything.. or hang onto the overworked job for a few more months :(

@ 9:46am ET on May 13, 2015
We'd love to hear an update from you! Hope you're well...

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