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The Skinny on Exercise

by Exercise Write, Fitness Reporter

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The Plank Row with Dumbbells

The plank row with dumbbells is a resistance training exercise that combines upper body and core work. The benefit of combining two strength movements is that you get a more efficient workout. The plank is an exercise that will strengthen your core, specifically the abdominal muscles and the erector spinae. The row is a resistance training exercise that primarily targets the back, as well as the posterior part of the shoulders and the biceps.

Perform the plank row with dumbbells by stepping back into a high plank. Place your hands shoulder width apart with your palms facing in toward each other as you grip around your dumbbell handles. With your exhale, bend at the elbow to row your right arm back far enough so that you feel your right shoulder blade squeeze in toward your left shoulder blade. With your inhale, lower your arm back to its starting position. Repeat the movement on the left side to complete one repetition.

Concentrate on engaging your abdominals as you pull your navel in toward your spine throughout this exercise. Remember to keep your back and hips in a straight line so that the hips do not sag toward the ground or rise up higher than shoulder level. A modification for beginners is to perform the plank on the knees instead of the balls of the feet.

Click here to watch a demo of the Plank Row with Dumbbells:
Plank Row with Dumbbells, Exercise Demo from Diet.com

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