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The Skinny on Exercise

by Exercise Write, Fitness Reporter

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Bent Over Row

The bent over row is a resistance training exercise that primarily targets the back muscles and is part of an upper body weight-training program. In addition to targeting the back, this exercise will strengthen the posterior part of the shoulders and the biceps.

Perform the bent over row by holding a dumbbell in one hand and stepping your foot back. The foot that steps back will be on the same side of the body as the arm that is holding the weight. Bend forward at your waist and support yourself on the thigh that is stepped forward. With your arm straight hold the dumbbell so that your palm is facing in toward the side of your body. Row your arm and squeeze your shoulder blades together, then return your arm to its starting position.

Dumbbells are often used, but cable weight machines, resistance bands, and barbells are other equipment options for this exercise.

Click here to watch a demo of the Bent Over Row
Bent Over Row, Exercise

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