John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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by John McGran, Columnist

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but to reach the point of muscle fatigue.
It doesn’t matter whether you use lighter weights with a lot of reps or heavier weights with fewer reps; your body can’t tell the difference. As long as the muscles you’re working are tired, you’re doing it right, because fatigue means you’ve stimulated the muscle. So if you’re at the gym lifting light weights and counting out numerous reps, but you haven’t fatigued the muscle, your exercise has had no effect on either that muscle or its use of glycogen.

For the maximum effect, you should use both methods of weight training and develop a weekly and monthly plan called periodization. As with cardio, this is a planned cycle of training in which you alternate types of workouts to stop your body from trying to adapt.

Weight-Training Tips to Maximize Fat Loss

Here are some of my recommendations for using anaerobic activity in your fitness routine:

• Weight training should be performed at least twice a week. Do not exceed this without taking off every fourth day.

• If you are a beginner or just starting again, hire a professional for at least a few sessions to ensure your safety and understanding of proper techniques. Many gyms will provide a week pass to try out their gym, and they have personnel to show you how to use the machines. And of course don’t forget about your local YMCA.

• Change your routine every few weeks to ensure your body doesn’t adapt and stop your progress.

• Find a workout partner to help you stay motivated and ensure safety during sessions.

• Keep workouts under one hour so you won’t trigger muscle-wasting hormones.

• Learn to have fun, relax, and make working out enjoyable.

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@ 9:34am ET on May 28, 2009
Wendy's plan is super-duper effective! I have been following it for years and continue to benefit from her endless knowledge in her books. Her food and fitness wisdom has really helped me maintain good health. (My rule is that's the one thing someone else can't give you, but Wendy has!)

Thanks so much!

@ 11:13am ET on May 29, 2009
Just absolutely awesome! There are no excuses now to not live and maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight if you own both of Wendy's books. Everything is laid out pure and simple. There's no guess work! She has menu plans all set to go for weeks ahead so you know what to eat for breakfast,lunch, dinner, and in between. She takes it even a step further and explain about the importance of exercise. What to do, how much to do, and what to eat before and after. What more does a person need! I have been following her plan for 8 years. Now, it's a lifestyle that comes automatically. Thanks a bunch! Denise in Winter Springs


@ 1:26pm ET on May 29, 2009
Wendy and the Crack the Fat Loss Code and Conquer the Fat Loss Code has changed my life on so many levels. The program is an amazing lifestyle. I have never felt better. The success I have had is amazing and I will be forever grateful for Wendy's plan, support and encouragement. It is the best plan for day to day life and all when life gets in the way there is a way to adjust the plan to fit your life and continue to be successful. It works!!!

@ 12:29pm ET on May 31, 2009
Both books are a must for anyone serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wendy explains the science behind the plan and gives you all you need to be successful in today’s real world. Many of us are busy, stressed and struggling to be successful in many areas of life. This plan works and let’s you do so under such conditions. There are no more excuses to not have a healthy lifestyle. She knows the body, how it works, reacts and is a true expert in her field. I have been following her plan for several years and feel so fortunate I found this plan. It works! You can really be healthy, gain more energy and it doesn’t take long to do so!

@ 9:54pm ET on May 31, 2009
This new book is just brilliant! I have followed Wendy and her program since 2002 and it is the ONLY plan that has ever worked for me long term as a lifestyle. Wendy has figured it out and her passion for passing this knowledge along and educating all of us is just remarkable. I am inspired once again! I love the daily food plan that incorporates exercise and supplements. It is all right there, just do it!

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@ 10:03am ET on April 13, 2011
All of this sounds great! I cant wait to try it. I do have a question if you are doing the EPOC workout that day, do you do weights before or after? Or is that just with the HIIT? Please help :) thank you

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