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A couple of recent revelations for me:

In a way, veggies are like exercise for me. I have to eat them early in the day or else I can't be sure I'll eat them at all. I have gotten a bit better about making sure there is at least some veggies and/or fruit in all my meals, but it's a lot easier to eat the veggies when I bring them for lunch than it is to include them for dinner at home.

I have to make sure I do my exercising in the morning. Sometimes I will do it at lunch or at night, but I never know if I'll be too busy at work to leave my desk or too tired to leave my chair at home. So making deals with myself, saying I'll skip exercise in the morning or skip veggies at lunch and do/have them later just doesn't work for me.

And dieting is like living on a budget. Before joining Diet.com, I thought that, to lose weight, I had to always eat low-calorie foods and never splurge. I can't keep that up forever. Now I know that I can eat anything I want, just be aware and sensible about the portions, planning for the extra calories.

Until this morning, I thought that living on a budget meant never splurging as well. Consequently, I've never lived on a budget, and have occasionally gotten in money trouble and really had to "live lean" for a while to recover. Again, I can't live like that forever. But this morning I realized that, if I budget it in, I can still splurge and have impulse buys. I just have to be sensible and budget them in.

@ 9:39am ET on March 30, 2007
:) Better be careful, here......exercise, veggies and fruit will become your new favorites!

@ 10:58am ET on March 30, 2007
Well, I am liking them better than I'd have thought...

@ 7:49pm ET on March 30, 2007
Trust me, veggies are addictive! I posted in my blog how my mother in law doesn't seem to believe in veggies (or so it seems!) and after 5days at her house, I came home and had a huge salad! I feel better already, like any junkie who just needed her fix! (
As far a the budget woes go... "All things in moderation", I don't know who said it, but it really holds true for food and money!) Don't give up on the budget just because you splurge at the mall, don't give up on the new eating lifestyle just cause you popped open the bag of chips.
Plan some treats into the money budget and plan treats into the calorie budget and then you can enjoy your well deserved treats without guilt, hiding what you've done, trying to justify things that shouldn't need to be justified! and all the other self destructive habits that we fall prey to.

@ 7:50am ET on March 31, 2007
Well, as a 77% Fruitless Feaster, I'd have to say I'm definitely not there yet as far as having the veggie addiction. I'm just happy that I'm finding ways to enjoy them. But I'm definitely looking for the moderation. And thanks for the support! You are so right about the effects of clandestine eating and buying!

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