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Okay, so, since I've reached a BMI scale of 31 (which is ranked as obese) and I've reached an alarming weight of 196 pounds, I've decided to begin to start losing weight... again. I'll be starting my new eating habits and exercising tomorrow morning. I'm really excited to lose weight. Though, this week may not be the best week to start (TMI warning: Perrioooodd~), I'm still going to start tomorrow.

For my breakfast, I've planned to drink a smoothie recipe that I stole from one of my friends on Youtube. The breakfast smoothie really fills you up and should tide you over until lunch time.


-1 sliced banana
-4 to 5 sliced strawberries
-Cover the fruit with water or milk (I, personally, prefer mine with milk)
-Blend until smooth

Provided that it doesn't rain, I also plan to walk my dog for about 15-30 minutes. If it rains, I'm just going to exercise in my bedroom.

I'm not sure what to have for lunch or dinner as of yet. Does anyone have any ideas?

Things I Need Ideas On

-How to get rid of stretchmarks.
-How to get rid of acne

@ 1:09pm ET on April 21, 2012
Hi there.
Welcome to diet com. Im back again here as it is a good source of support.
Smoothies are fantastic for filling a hungary tummy with goodness. That one sounds nice. You can make them with soya milk too.
Bio oil is good for stretchmarks. And not too thick a facecream is good for acne i think.
Take care and good luck. Remember to blog about how you are getting on - it helps.
Anuba x

@ 3:18pm ET on April 23, 2012
Welcome to the site! We have tons of Diet.com Videos that show you how to do different exercises, and a lot of them require no equipment. So they'd be perfect for you to try out in your room on a rainy day :) Check out our Fitness Videos under the FITNESS tab up there ^^ in our top navigation.

My favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with lots of baby spinach and avocado on it :)

@ 11:53am ET on May 7, 2012
Acne is tricky everyone is different, I use a lot of clean and clear products,try to find oil free scrubs , there is also a clear clean and clear invisible blemish treatment you can put under your make up also Vichy fluid foundation has chemicals in it to help fight blemishes and doesnt clog your pours as much as other cover ups do but it's a tad expensive but it only takes a small amount to cover the entire face my bottle lasts almost 4 months wearing it every day :) hope that helps also eatting healthy will reduce your acne too
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