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#1 Drink lots of water and avoid carbonated beverages and fruit juices.

#2 Avoid super meals: you should do 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day to maintain a constant level of blood sugar, avoiding insulin spikes.

#3 Physical activity does not mean slaughtering in the gym, you can just start to go for walks.

#4 It will seem strange but eat in smaller dishes, will give us the feeling of having the overflowing plate of food and we have just by looking satiated.

#5 Increase consumption of vegetables during meals, such as zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and consume many soups.

#6 The consumption of vegetables as well as raw, can be increased by consuming for example also together with the pasta or to accompany omelettes and make them more substantial.

#7 Avoid intake of foods made with white flour and whole wheat flour privilege, while white sugar prefer the one cane or sweeteners.

#8 Take coffee without sugar and avoid the coffee-based beverages in when too much sugar.

#9 Making use of skimmed milk, or of the powder as fat-free.

#10 Try to eat your meals at home, away from home because temptations would be too many.

#11 Eat slowly and drink between bites and the other, it helps to fill the stomach first.

#12 Spices and hot sauces favor not only the digestion but they help in burning fat.

#13 Prefer fresh fruit and fruit juices.

#14 Avoid eating too much at night, favoring a nice soup.

#15 The morning in the office try to get up at least every two hours and walk for about 5 minutes: helps circulation.

#16 Cleaning the house are a great way to exercise.

#17 When you are in a group, prefer chatting to food.

#18 Stay as little as possible in front of the TV and try to get out.

#19 Avoid the intake of alcohol.

#20 Eat yogurt at least 3 times a week.

Take care!

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@ 3:38pm ET on July 7, 2016
Thanks for sharing these great tips!

@ 9:11am ET on July 12, 2016
Personally, I think avoiding soda and sugary drinks is key. The amount of sugar in just one soda is staggering. I was happy to see that as the #1 tip :) Thanks for the post!

@ 10:00am ET on August 11, 2016
Cool tips, though I have to admit - I sometimes have big problems with #18. I should actually buy myself a stationary bike or something and then - that wouldn't be a problem :)

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