Dr. Abby Aronowitz, Ph.D. President, DAA, Inc., is a psychologist, speaker and coach, who completed work at Columbia University. She holds two masters degrees and a Ph.D. Previously a consultant to Weight Watchers International, Dr. Abby has been featured on WebMD.com and AOL Diet and Fitness. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and Mensa. And she is author of Your Final Diet.

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Are you starving for change? Had your fill of dieting, losing weight, and gaining it back?

Well, have a heapin’ helping of the “HAES” diet; a revolutionary way of living that helps you to discover health, without overeating, under-eating or yo-yo dieting.

My work has always helped people to become their personal best; the healthiest place within their genetic set point range.

Since people naturally come in all shapes and sizes, this may not mean “thin” for everyone, but is where weight comfortably lands as a result of listening to hunger and satiety, eating nutritious foods (going natural), moving the bod, coping effectively, and incorporating “healthy junk food.” Studies have demonstrated improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, and insulin sensitivity regardless of weight, when exercise is part of your life.

So, I’m thrilled to report on some current diet research that will blow your mind, and essentially supports my work.

An important study from the University of California divided 82 obese women into two groups. One group received traditional diet advice, and the other received suggestions about how to improve health and well-being. Dieters moderately restricted food consumption, maintained food diaries and monitored weight. They measured calories and fat content, read food labels and shopped for appropriate foods, while learning about benefits of exercise.

The “Health At Every Size” (HAES) group paid close attention to hunger and fullness, and how the food made them feel. Nutritional information helped them to choose healthful foods. A support group focused on accepting their larger bodies, understanding cultural influences, and dealing with barriers preventing enjoyment of physical activity, such as negative self-image.

Results at the end of two years concluded:

• HAES subjects almost quadrupled their moderate physical activity. The dieting group significantly increased their physical activity at first, but slipped back to initial levels by the end of the study.

• HAES subjects showed a significant decrease in LDL (“bad” cholesterol) by the end of the study, whereas the dieters did not.

• Both groups significantly lowered their systolic blood pressure during the first 52 weeks of the study, but only HAES people sustained improvements by the end of the 2nd year.

• Self-esteem and depression improved significantly for HAES, while self-esteem dropped among the dieters.

• Dieters lost 5.2 percent of their initial weight in the first 24 weeks but regained almost all of it by the end of the study. HAES members maintained their initial weight.

• Ninety-two percent of HAES people completed treatment, while 42 percent of dieters dropped out prematurely.

Details about this fabulous plan can be found in a new book entitled Health At Every Size; The Surprising Truth About Your Weight by Linda Bacon, Ph.D.

Click here for a FREE copy of Dr. Abby's book, Your Final Diet.

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