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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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DIET.COM NOTE: Kim B. is a big fan of Diet.com Challenges. She credits 2008's Fresh Start Challenge with jump-starting her weight loss. Now down 59 pounds and feeling great, Kim is here to let you know how she lost the weight and is keeping it off!

When we last interviewed Diet.com member Kim B., our super slimmer was down 26 pounds and primed for better days.

After bearing down and burning off another 33 pounds for a grand total of 59, Kim is just three pounds from her goal weight.

But more importantly, she's miles away from the tired and bloated old Kim.

2008 was a banner year for Kim. Not only did she enjoy weight loss success, but she also grabbed the top prize in our Fresh Start All-Star Team Challenge.

And if that weren't enough good news, in 2008, Kim became "the sexiest grandma" in Michigan when her oldest daughter gave birth.

"I really got rolling," Kim tells Diet.com. "I switch it up frequently so my body can't get used to a workout. I'm even working out with a weighted Hula Hoop!"

Kim finds exercise inspiration on the Diet.com bulletin boards and blogs. She turned up the heat and started doing more cardio after seeing others enjoying success that way.

"I was reading the blogs and noticed that's what people who were dropping a lot of weight were doing," she says.

"The Diet.com Challenges have played a major role in my success. I participated in all three this year. I even started a few of my own at work!"

Other lifestyle changes include "water, water, water" and a cutback in alcohol.

"I used to take a cooler out on the boat. Now I only drink on special occasions."

And how has losing 59 pounds affected Kim?

"I don't feel so self conscience when I am out and about -- I even went to the beach in Florida. I wore a tankini but next time I will be in my bikini!"

Kim is happy with her weight loss, but she knows she needs to work more on her toning.

"I know I can't get a 20something's body, but I can tighten my jiggle areas," she says.

Kim, who weighed just shy of 200 pounds when she started at Diet.com, says she will be happy when she hits her goal of 135.

"I am so glad I found Diet.com -- I praise it everywhere and I don't think I would be where I am if I hadn't followed the challenges and gotten involved with the things on the site."


At the conclusion of the recent All-Star Challenge, Kim wrote a narrative that spelled out her journey to a healthier weight. Here is part of that narrative.

I am amazed at how much I have transformed my life these past nine weeks. At the very second that I thought that I could not do one more lunge or squat, a determination and drive came over me that I must say, some days, I'm not sure where it came from! I had struggled to see fast results in the past, and I would have always just given up. Before, giving up was my only option that I thought I had. Today, giving up would never even enter into my mind! Today, giving up is not an option!

I cannot even imagine the "old" Kim now. I don't know that fat girl in my "Start" picture. She was sick and unhealthy, fat and tired, sad and frustrated, but she still kept devouring foods that would go on to make her fatter and even more unhealthy. It's amazing the damage we keep doing to ourselves. I believe the Fresh Start All-Star Challenge was the necessary kick that I needed to continue my weight loss goals and to keep me on track.

I learned many things throughout this challenge. I learned that my shy days of hiding in the corner are OVER! Way over! I learned that I am done sitting on the beach with sweats and a long sleeved shirt, afraid of ridicule, stares and laughs from the skinny people! I'm not done living and those around me are just going to have to accept me for what and who I am, because I do now.

I'm not perfect, but I've learned that there are many people on Diet.Com that don't care. They accept me for who I am, faults and all. And to find that so many people have opened up their arms to me has just been such an emotional ride to be quite frank. Why? Because acceptance from others was rare.

Oh, I get it. Because I had so many hang-ups about my weight, it was tough for anyone to want to be a friend to me. Friends have been few and far between. I mean, I don't blame people, my self-esteem was not to be found. Who wants to be around someone like that? I justified my "alone" time by thinking that I didn't deserve friends. I always knew that I was a good person. A big-hearted person. Why didn't anyone want to share it? Again, I get it now. This Challenge has opened my eyes to all of my denials and destructive lifestyle ways!

I cannot be happier! Actually, I don't think I can even describe the emotions I am feeling right now. I keep staring at my "Start", "Middle" and "After Fresh Start All Star Challenge' pictures. I am simply in awe of what I look like now. I mean, I don't mean to be vain or self absorbed, I just cannot believe the transformation. My "dream" of losing those 50+ pounds was so overwhelming to comprehend several months ago.

Sure, I didn't lose 100+ pounds like Tracie or Shannon, but I feel just as accomplished as them. My personal accomplishment of losing over 50 pounds FEELS like a hundred pounds lifted off of my shoulders! I have certainly felt the pressure bearing down:

The pressure to fit in.
The pressure to be thin.
The pressure to win.
The pressure to feel good in my own skin.

All of the above!

Here is my advice to current and prospective Diet.com Members:

1. Blog when you can.

2. Ask questions. There is definitely someone on this site that can help you out.

3. Journal daily.

4. Use the Trackers! (Most important tip!)

5. Find a Diet.com Buddy or buddies and lose the weight together.


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@ 1:51pm ET on July 21, 2008
Kim Kim Kim :-) I wish my mom would turn herself back to fitness, I told her to read about you and that having a little sore isn't a bad thing, she should be thankful for it now she's even more active doing house chores.

Hopefully gradually get to walk a little bit more further each time.

Congratulations Sexy Mommy :)

@ 5:30pm ET on July 21, 2008
Kim, you are so awesome! Your starting weight and goal weight are around what mine are, but I'm still wayyyy behind. You're such an inspiration! ~Sara :o)

@ 8:26pm ET on July 21, 2008
Thank you Sara and Kassy! You both keep my motor running, let me tell ya! It's support such as yourselves, that make me push myself more and more each day. It's the Diet.com community that has been instrumental in my success! I appreciate you more than I can tell you!

Thank you so much!

@ 10:55am ET on July 22, 2008
Kim, You are so inspiring!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your story and for keeping me motivated!!! I can't wait until I can join you in being close or at my goal weight!!! Keep it up!!! Patty

@ 6:00pm ET on July 22, 2008
Kim! CONGRATS! You are a HUGE inspiration! To know that people all over can do this...I know I can too! I cannot imagine how it will feel when I am at my goal weight!

@ 6:18pm ET on July 22, 2008
Kim you are just doing so amazing. You are a great inspiration and I have to agree with you, quitting is no longer an option. If you fall down today youjust have to get back up again tomorrow.

Thank You for inspiring me.

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