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Thanks to an innovative new program cooked up by the forward-thinking program developers at, nutritional information for more 36,000 menu items at more than 1,700 restaurants nationwide is available in a flash through your cell phone.

Not cell phone savvy? No worries. You put your phone in text message mode, type in the menu item you need help with, then send that info to DIET1 (34381). By sending Starbucks Grande White Hot Chocolate to DIET1 (34381), you will receive a text back with the following information “Starbuck’s White Hot Chocolate " No Whip (nonfat Milk) Grande Cal’s: 480, Fat: 18g, Carb 63g, Prt: 17g.

This cutting-edge phone service removes all the guesswork from those sure-to-happen times you’re stuck at the counter of a fast food joint or coffee shop and the harried clerk is impatiently asking “Can I take your order?”

Instead of guessing, then gobbling a burger or coffee drink that’s packed with more fat and calories than you ever thought possible, you can calmly look up from your phone’s text window and respond, “I’ll have the…”

The Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging capability quickly rings up nutritional facts like calories, fat, carbs and protein. The handy program is built so you’ll get nearly instantaneous text message answers to all your menu questions.

“There is the first text message service that offers nutrition information to busy people who are always on the go,” says Mike Zhang, President of ”Now they can be informed, educated, and even entertained by what they are eating every day.

”Our SMS service will be a great asset to millions of Americans who want to maintain a healthy diet when they’re away from home. SMS provides dietary information at your fingertips. Just a quick text message will deliver nutrition information for thousands of popular foods, from a Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks to a Whopper with Cheese at Burger King.”

For those of you worried about your poor spelling, relax. The SMS program is so intuitive it cross-checks what you type in against several database programs to come up with the correct nutritional numbers.

Odds are you won’t come up short, no matter what popular restaurant you choose to dine at.’s SMS service is powered by a mega-database of popular foods and beverages from 1,700 different restaurants. It also lists info for many “generic” foods that would be eaten at home.

“Consumers come to for practical weight loss solutions and information.” says Zhang. ”By putting valuable nutritional information into the hands of consumers at the point of purchase, we are making it easier to make healthy decisions and make simple lifestyle changes.”

"We don’t charge for this service so the user faces standard text messaging charges. But we feel the peace of mind this system brings the serious dieter is priceless.”

An online demonstration of the tool will be available next week for users, so check back for more about this awesome service.

@ 5:20pm ET on January 21, 2008
This is so awsome I cant wait to use it.

@ 10:31pm ET on January 21, 2008
I have and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

@ 10:31pm ET on January 21, 2008

@ 12:57pm ET on January 25, 2008
oh man! so cool

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