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"I love myself... So it's about time I show it and start taking care of my body."

Those are the motivational words that Diet.com member Brittany included in her member profile when she created her Diet.com account in early January of 2013. Now 4 months later, she's dropped 25 pounds, picked up some new support buddies, won a Weight Loss Challenge, acquired tons of new fitness inspiration, and found the determination and focus that she needed to start reaching her goals.

diet.com member before and after
Brittany before and after 25 pounds of weight loss!

The self-described "Proud Air Force Wife" of a supportive husband and mother to her young son, Brittany (who goes by MRS~B££ around Diet.com) joined Diet.com just in time to begin the 2013 New Year's Weight Loss Challenge. The 6-week Challenge, which began on January 7, 2013, turned out to be a great kick-off point for Brittany. With a starting weight of 216 pounds and a goal of losing 16 pounds during the Challenge, she dove into the commitment, taking the time to check in on the Challenge Message Board multiple times a week to cheer on other participants and share her own struggles and successes.

She set a Challenge goal of getting her weight down to 200 pounds and also set a personal fitness goal of being able to run a half mile without stopping. All told, Brittany's dedication helped her to lose 15 pounds during the 6-week Challenge!

Right from the start, Brittany had a positive attitude and supported other Diet.com members tremendously, leaving supportive comments on their message board posts and encouraging each of them to stick with it and not to give up.

It was that "don't give up" mentality that she herself needed to conquer, as she shifted her mind-set from "quick fixes, fast results" to "this takes time, I will not quit." Like many others who are looking to maintain lasting weight loss, Brittany needed to commit to a new lifestyle " not a fad diet. The commitments she's made over the last 4 months have helped her to do just that " and set her up for lasting success!

"'Don't give up' is something I had to tell myself constantly," Brittany says. "Losing weight and eating healthy is not easy at all. You have to learn to find things you like and change up your routine."

Her healthy changes included making adjustments to her eating habits as well as trying out tons of new fitness routines.

Diet adjustments included "trying new foods, eating no more than 1700 calories (per day), eating lots of protein and fiber," she tells us. "I pretty much eat anything that is low in calories, sugar, carbs, and fat... that way I can eat plenty of it!"

Changes to her fitness routine included taking advantage of aerobics classes, Zumba, lifting weights, using the elliptical, kick-boxing, cycling " plus enjoying the steam room at her gym and working on her half mile run. She even took up a water aerobics class!

"Every day I workout I'm exhausted and sore, but on Mondays when I weigh-in I feel so amazing and a sense of accomplishment," Brittany shared with us on the Weight Loss Challenge message board in February.

The hard work and healthy changes that Brittany was making were paying off, as she steadily lost weight each week, pound by pound.

"I'm so happy about seeing my figure coming out. Even though I'm still in the obese range I really feel lighter than ever. I know it's because of the healthy eating and I'm not eating until I'm stuffed, but just enough. I'm so happy with results I'm seeing."

At the end of the Weight Loss Challenge, when Brittany had lost 15 pounds, she was named the Grand Prize Winner of the Challenge and took home a well-deserved prize package.

before and after
Brittany's Weight Loss Challenge Before/After Pics... Down 15 Pounds!

"Diet.com has helped me achieve success by the support from other members, the daily videos, and of course the Weight Loss Challenge," she tells us. "I'm so grateful for this site. I was able to join this site, enter in a Weight Loss Challenge, lose weight, become healthy and WIN a prize. You honestly can't beat that!!!"

But as anyone who has ever attempted to lose weight knows, it's not just getting motivated that matters... it's staying motivated that will give you lasting results! So what's keeping her going?

"What keeps me motivated is trying different workout programs, my husband's flirty comments, of course the support from Diet.com, being able to stay active with my son, and the thought of me being SKINNY."

That motivation has helped her continue her path of weight loss, even after the Weight Loss Challenge ended. She's continued to drop pounds and stay active, getting out of the "200s" in late February and not looking back as she moved on to lose 10 more pounds (so far!). one-derland!Continue

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@ 8:07pm ET on May 6, 2013
You are looking amazing ! congrats. I got this news in my email today. I usually don't check it but today I logged in. You are inspirational. I just had surgery and when I can get back to the gym I will never complain again about going. I'll check back again. You too are going for my goal weight. I wish you all the success getting there.

@ 11:45pm ET on September 19, 2014
Hey Britney, great story and transformation. You've really inspired me to work harder on my nutrition and mindset

@ 10:48am ET on July 11, 2016
congrats brittany

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