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Metabolism is the collection of processes that occur in the body that creates energy from the food that a person eats. People with a faster metabolism are usually thinner than those with a slower metabolism. If you would like to speed up your metabolism, then there are several things that you can try.

Use Essential Oils

When your brain associates a blend of essential oils with a new healthy eating habit, then you will be encouraged to skip dessert or the second helping of your favorite food. You can use a blend of essential oils, like that available from Davina Wellness, that includes cinnamon bark, cinnamon leaf, grapefruit, lemon and fennel in a variety of ways to boost metabolism. It can be sniffed directly from the bottle, used on your abdomen, applied to reflex points or diffused. The result may be a faster metabolism.

Eat Breakfast

While it may be tempting to grab an extra few minutes sleep and skip breakfast, that is one of the worse things you can do if you want your metabolism to work quicker. Eating breakfast jump-starts the thermogenesis process helping you lose about 15 percent more weight. Scientists also have found that not eating breakfast increases the amount of fat in your body. Concentrate on making healthy choices like Greek yogurt and whole-wheat toast. Quit eating when you are full, however, so that you do not consume extra calories.

Get Your Vitamin B

Eating foods high in Vitamin B has been shown to boost metabolism rates. Consuming foods high in Vitamin B is also a great way to get a quick energy boost. Think about eating egg yolks, liver, lentils and split peas. You may want to pick some foods that are high in folate, others that are high in B6 and still others that are high in B12 to keep your metabolism burning quickly all day long. Foods high in Vitamin B and protein are especially effective in increasing metabolism rates. Consider starting your day with some fortified cereal, then have some low-fat beef for lunch and some fish for supper to take full advantage of this benefit.

Drink Cold Water

Drinking 17 ounces of cold water boosts metabolism by up to 30 percent. The boost, however, will last only about one hour. Make sure you continue to drink cold water all day long to boost your metabolism. Additionally, over 40 percent of adults who drank water within an hour of eating consumed fewer calories. If you do not like water alone, then consider green or oolong tea.

Use these four ways to speed up your metabolism and watch extra pounds melt away. Soon, you will be looking your absolute best. Get started today on these easy-to-implement ideas.

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