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Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain a certain weight or build muscle, you’ve got to become intentional with your diet. Most fitness professionals admit that weight loss is primarily about eating the right foods first. The workouts matter, but not as much as the food does. Nowadays, there’s a fast food restaurant on every corner. It’s easy to stop and pick up a burger meal or some chicken nuggets and a soda.

However, these meals are typically loaded with fat, sugar and sodium. As a result, you’ll easily pack on pounds eating these foods. In order to see results, it’s best to prepare your meals ahead of time. Hence, the reason why meal prep is so popular. After you’ve purchased all the right groceries, it might be easy to assume that you’re good to go. However, that’s just one of the steps. Follow these rules to meal prep correctly and avoid wasting food.

Do Meal Prep Sooner Rather Than Later

If you’re not too tired, do your best to meal prep as soon as you come home from the grocery store. The longer your groceries sit in the fridge, the less likely you’ll be to prepare them. The groceries will wind up sitting in the fridge while you go out and purchase more fast food on the go. As a result, you’ll wind up wasting food. Avoid this terrible approach by staying proactive. Pick a time when you know you’ll have a lot of energy and can spend time in the kitchen once you’ve purchased the food. Better yet, consider taking advantage of a grocery delivery service so you can just focus on meal prep.

Use Storage Containers

Take a close look at human nature. Humans like ease and convenience. This is why fast food restaurants are popping up everywhere. People like the ability to grab food and go. Knowing this, make it easier on yourself. Purchase a bunch of storage containers. Make sure each meal for the week as its own storage container. When you do this, you’ll be able to portion out the meals once they’ve been prepared. Store them in the fridge and then pull a meal out when it’s time to eat. In this case, it doesn’t get any easier during the week.

Research Ways to Freeze Certain Foods

Unless you’re preparing a fresh salad, most foods can be frozen and stored until you’re ready to use them. Check out sites like that tell you how long foods can last in the fridge, freezer and cupboard. Some foods, when prepared a certain way, can last a really long time in the freezer. Be proactive about staying on top of the recipes and how long it takes for certain foods to go bad. For example, many people might think that mushrooms and eggplants wouldn’t do well in the freezer.

However, if you clean the mushrooms and lightly blanch them, they’ll do well in paper towels and Myler bags or other freezer-friendly bags in the freezer. When you’re ready to use them, all you’ll need to do is pull them out and prepare them as desired. A similar process applies to eggplants, but it’s also important to catch the fruit, vegetable or another item at the peak of its freshness. You don’t want to prepare and freeze that’s on its way to rotting.

Get Creative with Recipes and Food Usage

Take a look at the recipes you’d like to make. Some items can overlap well into other dishes. If you purchase a large turkey or chicken, cut it up and use what you need. Store the rest in the freezer or prepare multiple meals that call for the use of a lean meat.

When you first get started with this process, it may feel arduous and unnecessary. However, when you start seeing the results and get into a routine, you won’t want it any other way.

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