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Vice Busting with Julia Havey

by Julia Havey, Diet.com Coach & Motivator

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People Magazine reported this week that Diana Nyed is swimming in a sea of controversy. Read the article here.

In short, it seems the purists of marathon swimming are questioning the sometimes doubled speeds Diana reached as well as the length of time she went without eating or drinking. I for one think we should ALL question what she did and how she did it! 52 hours AWAKE would be a feat for me! But swimming the entire time?! I patted myself a bit to hard on the back the other day for having done 1.5 hours of cardio... then came the news of Diana Nyed's swim.

HOW could a human being do it? What would motivate a person to want to do that? How did she believe she could do it when she hadn't been successful in her 20's when trying the same exact goal? At 62 she suddenly is superhuman?! Wait! I just fact checked, she's 64 years old!!

No, she isn't a superhuman, she is a human who did something super. She believed that she could do something that would require super human determination. Her belief that "she could do it if she just tried one more time" is the same belief held by every success story from every walk of life imaginable: They tried one more time.

Diana Nyed and what she did is amazing. But the world is filled with negative detractors, rather than talking about the real issue: that a 64-year-old woman gave swimming from Cuba to Florida "ONE MORE TRY" and did so without a shark cage! Well, here's something to chew on... it's SPORT!

And, I am pretty sure she didn't get paid what pro athletes do to play a GAME for a few hours!! NFL guys wear helmets, pads, cleats... she was in the middle of the ocean and the haters scoff at the idea that someone may have held her elbow to help steady her in the middle of ocean during high waves as she tried to put her gear on?! That's not cheating, that's being smart. It's not as though she was making forward progress while trying to HOLD STILL to put a mask and suit on.

LOOK at pictures of her during and after the swim! Does it look like she made life easier on herself in the middle of the ocean for 52 hours? Only thing that would have made it harder for her would have been if Richard Parker was on board, but I bet she'd have dealt with him too!

Apparently we're never too old to go for the dreams and goals we have! What are you waiting for?!

@ 2:26pm ET on November 13, 2014

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