Julia Havey is a woman very much like you. She’s a wife, mother, church volunteer, room mom, carpool driver, author, spokesperson and motivator. Julia’s struggles with weight led to her new career as an author (The Vice Busting Diet and Awaken the Diet Within), an advocate for obesity issues and the master motivator here at Diet.com.

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Vice Busting with Julia Havey

by Julia Havey, Diet.com Coach & Motivator

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Grocery lists, to-do lists, 'honey-do' lists, chores around the house lists......good grief....making a list of all of the different lists can seem go on and on, just imagine the lists themselves and how overwhelming they can seem.

Feel overwhelmed by the lists in your life?

If you are anything like me, and I used to constantly be making lists of the day's activities and what needed to be done, then I am going to assume for purposes of this blog that you too may be experiencing a bit of listmania.

I would like to simplify things for you, together we are going to get rid of some of the clutter in your life and allow you to focus on what really matters to you and that which will bring you the most happiness and fulfillment. Today is in fact, the first day of the rest of you life. You may have heard that sentiment uttered before, but today I would like for you to take it to heart. Today, my friend, change is at hand.....the only thing that you have decide is are you ready to do what it takes to change?

If so, continue reading.................Still with me?! Great! Let's go!

The guide that you are about to read, if followed will free up the time you spend thinking and worrying about what to do and how to do it, perhaps not for every aspect of your life, but for the ones that I am supposed to help you with.......and they are weight loss and motivation!

Tired of grocery lists, menu planning for the entire week......click here Diet.com's Take Shape for Life site to see a sample of just how simple that can be made for you. Imagine, never again having to decide what to cook, making up a list for the weeks meals, making a list of what you need to buy to create the menu you just created.....arghhhhh.....more lists! No, creating lists for this area of your life can be a thing of the past. It is sort of
like having a coach/nutritionist/chef and you are just OK'ing their weekly menu...same thing...only different...you only need to do decide to do it and let me coach you through the rest! that's www.diethealth.tsfl.com diet.com's medifast site.

Now that meal planning is now a thing of the past, what else is left to make a plan or list for to better insure your success? Exercise comes to my mind, how about yours? It is without a doubt, a very important component to a healthy mind, body and soul.....and that is what you are working towards, right?

I find that that the best way to make sure that exercise is a part of my day, is to schedule it into my day. For me, it is my 9:30 AM kickboxing class Monday-Thursday. I have arranged my schedule so that my work day starts at 11. If your job does not permit that flexibility, what about using your lunch hour for exercise? Many cities now have gyms thru out most business districts. I know they all have areas that you can walk -- 30-60
minutes of vigorous walking is much better than sitting at your desk eating the morning's left over donuts anyday!

What about grabbing a quick lunch at your desk, working through your 'lunch hour' and leaving work an hour earlier? Talk to your boss, enlist his support for your Self-Improvement
through Self-Motivation journey....remind him that a healthy and happy employee saves the company money on health care related expenses, time off due to sickness and will increase your overall productivity. Get their support, and then prove to them that you were right and they were smart, wonderful bosses for recognizing how best to support you!

Now that it is just a matter of time until your new approach garners you the improvements that you desire, what about the rest of your to-do lists? They most often deal with things around the house, chores postponed, rooms needing attention, heavy cleaning, weeding, etc....Now, it is time to take out a pen and paper and make a list! I know, arghhhhhh! Trust me, you will like this one! I want you to make a daily plan of what you what to get done and the time frame you have to do it in

Here is what mine looks like and each weekday is about the same:

6 AM: Wake, shower and get ready for a great day ahead.

7 AM: Make a healthy breakfast for me and my family (or truth be known, watch my very cute and helpful husband, as he is cooking in the kitchen!). Pack healthy lunches for the children. Be silly, laugh and try to get everyone awake and happy as they start their day.

8 AM: Carpool. Get to work answering the over 400 emails I get a day at Julia @ juliahavey.com

9:30 AM: Exercise...it does the body good!

11 AM: Back to work......healthy lunch at my desk....keep working! Talk with Coaching clients, email readers, work on website updates--too many tasks to name and no assitant to help!
6 PM: Pray and give thanks for another successful day, ask for the same tomorrow! Family time-- Help with homework (realize how much smarter they are than you!) lose at "Trouble" to my son, again! Pull hair out over daughter's college challenges.....(note, I said pull hair, not eat Twinkies!). Clean house, again?!

Kiss everyone goodnight.....collapse in a chair......(what? you thought you were the only one with stress?)

9 PM: Back to my computer and work some more! (400 emails takes time to answer!) Write. I am working on my next book, article due for demanding editor at diet.com ; ) , or blog entry

12 AM: The Master Motivator/Coach sleeps!

My life is as crazy and stress filled as anyone's...as yours. I didn't bother to add in the extras that somehow seem to always get done in a day, such as ballet lessons, hockey practice, hockey games, choir practice, soccer.....Jeez, I must have a clone.....or at least the need for one!

What I have found out and what helps keep me on track in my weight loss journey is this:

1. Keep a positive attitude. Realize that stress happens. Plan for it, prepare for it and be ready to overcome it without overeating. You can feel overwhelmed from time to time.....but you must be aware of this and not turn to food as an answer.....after all, it isn't! Stress is still there after
the pizza box is empty...only you are now mad at yourself and the vicious cycle continues...so get off that cycle.

2. Plan for success. Remember that people NEVER plan to fail......they FAIL to plan!

3. Know what you want of out life and WHY!

4. Make healthy eating and exercise as second nature to you as brushing your teeth and washing your hair--certainly you could live without...but doesn't it make life more pleasant doing so?!

5. Whatever you don't get done today.......do on the weekend! But do it! Do not allow any task or chore to go undone. Sure, it may take a few weeks to get something totally done, like painting the house, staining the deck....but START the task today and work towards completion each and every day. Turn off the television and make better use ...    Continue

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