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@ 9:34am ET on August 5, 2011
Wow! I am totalling inspired by your commitment. Keep rocking it!

@ 9:59am ET on August 5, 2011
OMG! You go! You are staying motivated to take care of business. I am okay as of now I hope I can be like that after my third week :-)

@ 10:02am ET on August 5, 2011
great job! keep it up!

@ 10:29am ET on August 5, 2011
Thanks all! I'm on a mission lol... I HAVE to lose these last 12lbs before I leave here. There is light at the end of the tunnel! lol

Oh.. and booo... no trout today... chicken it is.

@ 2:30pm ET on August 5, 2011
Congrats! I saw that saying to myself every morning and still i dont get Keep it up. I'll hope for you to get good fish. lol

@ 8:33pm ET on August 5, 2011
Props. I was losing weight like crazy when I worked nights. But that's because my first month of work I was also fasting and then the rest of the evening I would drink mass amounts of water. So I dropped a good 10-ish plus pounds by the following 2-3 months. I was slowing down in weight loss but I still managed to lose a whole bunch within a 9 month period. And then I go back to school, gain back what I thought was about half of that again haha

And I realize you're saying that the treadmill "thing" is going to bite you one day, it really won't! I know with what I'm doing right now, after I finish my half hour jog and then hit the shower once I'm out I feel so empowered! Not powerful enough to go out and do it again mind you haha But it gets easier just go easy on yourself and take your time to meet your goals.
P.S. Drink plenty of water! :)
Best of luck

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