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OK, so I'm hanging out here with my first serious plateau. Having lost forty pounds, I seem to have mysteriously stopped for the last three weeks. No gains, no losses. Just stopped dead in my tracks. The first two weeks were spent celebrating the forty pounds gone and generally tap dancing around on the level ground of my plateau with happy feet. This last week, however, it has been a little bit harder to celebrate, as day after day the weight stays steady. I'm changing up my exercise routine a bit, and noodling around with my food patterns, trying to jump start the process again, as I have full confidence my body's not through working with me just yet. I keep telling myself that this is a life time journey, a marathon, and not a sprint to some finish line. You know, like the saying...slow and steady wins the race. Must go now and put my tap shoes back on. Maybe the added cardio will help me dance right off this plateau yet! :D

@ 9:41pm ET on September 25, 2008
Hang in there! Your body has had a lot of adapting to do lately!!! You are sooooo right! This is a marathon not a sprint!!!! Hang in there! We're here to keep you encouraged!! We can do this together!!! Patty

@ 10:08pm ET on September 25, 2008
Congrats on the 40 pounds lost. That is a serious accomplishment. I have a feeling your plateau is almost over. You can't stay on a plateau for too long, can you?

@ 10:14pm ET on September 25, 2008
THATS AWESOMEEEE!! WHy dont you try a week off break then shock your body back to your routine. i have been having a plateu and in a rut since i lost 30 and need to take off 20-25 more.. I have been quite slacking off but my body is feeling the sore with just a set and a quick 1km run which means here's to burning although its so much better NOT GAINING anything and keeping still than GAINING a pound,right/

we can do this!

@ 1:30am ET on September 26, 2008
you guys are amazing: 40 lbs and 30 lbs.. Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Keep at it and the weight will eventually come off.

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