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When Anna, aka member danceforever34, began college in September 2009, she weighed in at 163lbs. Not too big and not too small... but never really feeling content in her own skin.

After a summer that may have been admittedly a bit lazier than she'd intended, she knew that September was a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. She set a goal weight, and turned to to begin blogging her story as she simultaneously tackled college and weight loss.

Now as we creep into December, Anna's got more than the holidays to celebrate. She's also dropped 28 lbs, reached her goal weight of a healthy 135 lbs, and gained a gaggle of healthy habits along the way!

So how did she do it? Anna's go-to exercise, yoga, has been a big help. "I love yoga," she says. "It's very calming and relieves a lot of stress."

After more than a month of yoga, dancing and lots of stair-climbing, danceforever34 couldn't wait to come home from college and show off her new, 20-pound-lighter bod at Halloween!

Later, the motivation of seeing her family again at Thanksgiving didn't hurt either. "I kept thinking, by Thanksgiving, when I go home from school I want my family members to say 'wow!'"

So she did what worked for her: She counted calories and stayed strict - a feat she did with the help of

" helped me a lot," danceforever34 says. "Through posting blogs... And the most important thing was the calorie counter; it helped me stay organized so I could see how many calories I was having. I used it everyday!"

Her advice to fellow dieters is to stick with it! "I went through a small plateau, and it was very depressing. But I pumped up my exercising and I got through it."

Perhaps danceforever34's most important lesson learned? "Even when I messed up, I didn't give up!"

Leave your support for Anna, aka danceforever34, in the comments below! Don't be afraid to buddy up with her for support!

@ 11:30am ET on December 7, 2009
Congrats Anna! That's amazing. When I was in college I was never able to lose weight - just gain it. That's incredible how much you have lost in such a short amount of time though! Keep it up this Holiday season. It's also really cool that Yoga has helped you lose because many people don't realize it's health benefits because you might not always break a sweat.

@ 6:21pm ET on December 7, 2009
Congrats again Ana! :) When I ballooned to 180 lbs and lost few of the poundage I gained, Yoga sure did helped a lot and an amazing time management. You'll never go wrong with being committed. :)

I still am on the struggle since I've got medicines to fight with and myself to deal with but hey, you did it, so we can :) Congrats again! Keep it up! Let's live longer and spend our years better! :)

Its incredible really how much you've lost in such a short amount of time - i've got to agree. :) Cheers!

@ 10:29pm ET on December 8, 2009
i have a hard time losing weight,,=(

@ 9:54am ET on December 9, 2009
u go girl! i've lost 115lbs. since january 28th, and i atribute my success to exercise and my calorie book. i write down everything that i eat and log the calories in my little blue book! congrats girl and keep up the yoga!

@ 2:23am ET on December 10, 2009
hi its me gargi plz tell whats the prosier to loss weight plz help me
my tummy is too big
plz help
and well done u done a great and healthy job
i like u
and plz give me some tips
dont forget me

@ 8:14pm ET on March 8, 2012
you are an inspiration to me good job you took it and ran with it continue to work it girl!

@ 1:44pm ET on April 30, 2012
wow its really inspiring stories body now is like yours when before you lost weight..and now I want to be like you..because im really find hard to drop pounds even how much I tried...please help me top go back to my old self looking for your answer soon....God Bless>>>

@ 11:31am ET on February 27, 2013
congrat Anna am on my own journey and will surely get my goal weight

@ 2:28pm ET on June 23, 2016
congrats on your great achievement

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