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Can Cutting Sugar Make a Difference When Trying to Lose Weight?

By Eileen O'Shanassy

If you’ve ever been on a diet or are currently working on one now, chances are you’ve wondered whether cutting sugar is really worth the trouble. This article will help clear up some misconceptions so you can effectively manage your weight and conquer any diet.

Types of Sugar

What kind of sugar are you eating and does it really matter? First off, there are four main types of sugar:
• Table sugar (sucrose)
• Fruit sugar (fructose)
• Corn sugar (D-glucose or dextrose)
• High Fructose Corn Syrup
Fructose, or naturally occurring sugar in fruit, doesn’t affect your diet the same way other sugars do. This is because a fruit contains fiber and nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Sucrose, on the other hand, is a chemically bound mixture of glucose and fructose that is absorbed in the body as simple sugars, and HFCS is the worst kind of sugar for your health.

Sugar and the Glycemic Index

All sugars are carbs and all carbs can be ranked on the Glycemic Index. The Glycemic Index is a way to measure how fast your body transforms carbohydrates into glucose. This means that refined carbs like dextrose and HFCS rank high, spiking your blood sugar and leaving you hungrier after you eat them.

Sugars to Avoid

If you’re trying to lose weight, it is a good idea to cut high-glycemic foods and “bad sugars” out of your diet entirely. Here are some helpful tips to avoid cravings:
• Eat plenty of protein and fiber. These will help you feel full and avoid blood sugar spikes throughout the day.
• Eat more fruits and vegetables. The more you get used to “real sugar”, the less you’ll crave “bad sugars”.
• Stop cravings. There are many different products that can help control sugar cravings and keep you feeling satisfied.
• Cut out sugary drinks. You’ve probably been warned about drinking your calories when starting your diet. A huge amount of extra calories, and lots of extra sugar can be found in common sodas and diet sodas. Cutting these daily sugary drinks from your diet can help with weight loss as well as added sugars.
• Eat regularly. This will kick-start your metabolism without ever letting you feel hungry.
• Drink plenty of water. Hydration is commonly confused with hunger and sugar cravings.
• Substitute flavor in place of sugar. If you crave chocolate, modify your recipes to contain dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.
• Get more sleep. Evening sugar cravings are a sign you need rest.

The bottom line when it comes to cutting sugar for weight loss is that avoiding high-glycemic foods will decrease both your caloric intake and make you feel fuller throughout the day. So, while you can still eat fructose, decrease the amount of table sugar you eat and cut corn syrup completely for the best results.

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