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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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Are you ready for a science-backed eating plan that’ll lead to permanent weight loss... an eating plan that includes plenty of real food, lots of really tasty recipes and guilt-free cheat days?

Then you're ready for Wendy Chant, MPT, SPN -- a likeable high-energy sort who holds not just a master of personal training degree but also a specialist in performance nutrition degree.

Chant, a former marathon runner and bodybuilder from Central Florida, first learned the science behind trimming down and powering up for competition, then put pen to paper to create her hot new book, Crack The Fat-Loss Code (McGraw-Hill).

Chant, whose book is subtitled "Outsmart Your Metabolism and Conquer the Diet Plateau," claims that if you follow her "scientific way to lose fat" you'll drop up to 25 pounds in eight weeks... and keep it off!

I have to admit that a "scientific" approach to weight loss sounded like something that would be dry and difficult to follow. I was wrong on both counts.

Chant has done the homework for us and she writes in such an easy to understand style that you'll quickly embrace her formula.

Once you understand that the human body evolved to resist starvation by holding on to fat you understand why it's so darn hard to lose weight!

Chant notes, "My plan is scientifically designed to help you outsmart your body's natural cycles for storing and burning calories. The plan teaches you to boost your metabolism through 'macro-patterning' -- a simple routine of alternating carb-up, carb-down, and baseline days. There are built-in cheat days so you can enjoy the foods you love. Once you get your eating habits on schedule, you'll find that you can lose weight... for good."

So what is the fat-loss code?

According to Chant, "The body’s survival mode and adaptive response is the fat-loss code you need to crack so you can lose weight and keep it off for good. Like any code, the 'fat-loss code' solves a mystery â€" in this case, the mystery of why you can restrict calories, lose weight, and then hit the dreaded diet plateau.

"So cracking the fat-loss code is about understanding the body's adaptive response."

The Fat-Loss Code

• You’ve got a body whose job is to survive.

• You’ve got food coming in: intake.

• You’ve got energy being used: expenditure.

• You’ve got a “survival machine” analyzing the fuel coming in every 72 hours.

• You’ve got the same survival machine processing the energy going out every 48 hours.

• You’ve got a point of adaptation where the body analyzes the 72/48 fat-loss code and realizes how much to spend with what’s come in.

• And you? You’ve got a nasty dieter’s plateau just waiting to be conquered!

Chant notes, "As a result of these very powerful elements, cracking the fat-loss code is a scientific process of macro-patterning during a proven eight-week period specifically designed to counteract the body’s inherent adaptive response."

Macro-patterning? Chant says that's the manipulation of the energy you take in via protein, fat and carbs.

With her plan, you can eat all foods, but you need to develop an understanding of how your body uses the energy from food.

"The body uses energy logically," Chant says. "It uses carbs as its main source.

"The three sources of energy are the food you eat, the energy readily available in your muscles, and the energy stored in fat cells."

Chant says fad diets are doomed for failure because they keep you on the same eating regimen and that allows your body to adjust and stop burning fat as efficiently.

"Every 72 hours the body figures out what is coming in," she says. "You never want three days the same because it's the design of the body to keep and hold."

So while you'll enjoy ...    Continue

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@ 2:02pm ET on June 23, 2008
This book is amazing! I've proably gained and lost over 500 pounds during my lifetime. I've been following Wendy's plan for the past year and have lost 70 lbs so far. I've never followed anything this long! The book and the plan are easy to follow. The first week is the only time that you "diet"; after that, it's very reasonable. There's no counting calories, fat grams, carbs, or anything. There's no "program" foods or supplements to buy. I can look forward to my days (usually 2 a week) when I can have my pizza, pasta, alcohol, dessert, whatever.
I went on a 15 night cruise to Hawaii last year and didn't gain any weight, thanks to Wendy's plan. No,I did not give up anything and did not spend my vacation in the fitness room (I went once). I have no regrets at all with what I ate or didn't eat.
I'm almost 49 and have not worn this size since high school. I feel really good. My blood pressure is down, my diabetes is great, and my last cholesterol was 145. Get this book as a gift to yourself.

@ 2:03pm ET on June 23, 2008
Being in touch with your body's signals is so important, but when one has spent the better part of one's adult life ignoring those signals sometimes it is hard to receive them.

I think that part of cracking the Fat-loss code is retraining oneself to listen to your body and not to let bad habits override those signals. This is a process in and of itself and a process that can be extremely difficult.

In many ways I think that the process can be likened to a drug addict detoxing before he/she goes into treatment. If one can overcome the detox stage of a diet the rest is simply retraining one's body and mind to accept healthy living.

@ 11:00pm ET on June 24, 2008
Wendy Chant has motivated me to be a better me. She keeps me focused and is very supportive by giving me the tools (the book! & classes) to learn how my body works and what I need to do to loose the weight that I want to loose. I feel great and my friends say I'm looking great too! The weight and inches that I have lost is the greatest gift to me. Thanks Wendy!

@ 11:13pm ET on June 24, 2008
This book is truly a God Sent thru Wendy! As I am reading the book and following the plan, I have and continue to see results! I used this plan to help me get ready for two body building shows and it was great! Wendy knows her stuff! Thank you Wendy for dedicating your life, sweat and more sweat to help us all to be Forever Fit! You Rock! Keep going strong, I believe the BEST IS YET TO COME!
God bless you!

@ 8:34am ET on June 25, 2008
I'm so glad to see this book on this website. I've been following the plan in it for over a year and have NEVER had better results and NEVER felt so non-deprived on my way to getting them. I hope everyone who reads this goes and gets their hands on this book... it is definitely worth the money. It will make you smarter, fitter (is that a word?) :-), and really feeling great.

@ 3:10pm ET on June 25, 2008
Since Jan 9, 2008, I have lost 60.9 pounds following this program! I've not been at this weight since I graduated from College.

Learning how foods do what they do within the body is what made the connection for me. Also, correcting bad eating habits BEFORE adding in exercise was insurance that the benefits of exercise were maximized.

Following Wendy Chant's CRACK THE FAT LOSS CODE plan will help me reach my goals and MAINTAIN my weight loss. It is a phenominal program!

Thank you, Wendy!!

@ 5:56pm ET on June 26, 2008
I have been following this plan for the past 2 years and for the first time in my life, not only have I taken off the weight, but have kept it off. It's easy to follow -- I never feel like I'm dieting. Wendy's program teaches you how to deal with life, how to pick yourself up when you slip and get back on plan. I'm in the best shape I have ever been.

@ 9:09pm ET on June 26, 2008
Wendy Chant has created a great program for men and women. It is a serious diet that is easy to follow - but more to the point she teaches you about your body, the science of losing fat, the importance of nutrition and hormone balance, and the right way to exercise - both how and when. Her lessons are life lessons for all ages. Try "Cracking the Fat Loss Code" - and try it with Wendy in person if you can!

@ 2:45pm ET on July 1, 2008
This is the first time ~after many many programs~ where someone took the time to explain, in English, what the body needs from food and how food is used. It makes a difference. If you want a diet, move along... if you want a plan that you can live with and live longer because of, this is the plan for you.
This is a program that anyone can use, and one upon which anyone can suceed.
The recipes were so-so... but really, who needs recipes anyway, when you know what foods you are eating? Toss 'em together how you like them. And sometimes, as Wendy says, "food is fuel," and sometimes, "food is fun." I have taken Wendy's advise and look at food as fun when I am dressed up and going out. (smiles)
Do it.

@ 12:37am ET on July 3, 2008
I just began this diet (1 week) and very happy with the results and overall feeling. I have a question though...in week 2 Wendy says you can have a fudgesicle on baseline days in the evening but she gives no more instruction then that. I don't know the carb limit on a fudgesicle.... What kind should I buy? I typically by weight watchers or skinny cow?

@ 9:45pm ET on July 6, 2008
My friend and I are going to buy Wendy's book tomorrow and start the program on Wednesday. I weigh 155 pounds and haven't lost a pound since I had my daughter (which was in November). We were wondering if anybody had tips for the grocery shopping aspect of this diet, being that we are 21 and 20 we already don't know what to do when we shop for groceries. We were also wondering what to expect (in great detail) for the first couple of weeks, like how many pounds we should expect. Even though we know it all depends on the person we figure this information will help us begin our program as well as feel confident that it will work. Thank you!

@ 9:14pm ET on July 9, 2008
Hi Softballmoms - congrats on your decision to change your lives and your commitment to do it together. Keep each other focused and positive and you will see amazing results. If you've already bought and read Wendy's book you will see that there is no "prescribed" menu you must follow. You can substitute if necessary for things you do not like (I HATE cottage cheese!). As far as a shopping list goes - the first week is a breeze as you can't each much - eggs, egg whites, lean ground beef (I cook up a few pounds, weigh out the proper amount and freeze in ziplock bags), LOTS of broccoli, asparagus, leafy lettuce, cukes, chicken breasts to grill OR pregrilled chicken breasts, cottage cheese, whey protein powder (LOW carb! - if it tastes bad you didn't get a good quality brand - spend the money and you will not have to force it down your throat!).

As far as specifics in the first few weeks - Week 1 was really hard for me as I LOVE carbs and sweets. I was not ever hungry physically - but mentally wanted to snack on things like fruit loops. Keep BUSY that week - but never be stuck without food - plan ahead! - and keep in touch with your buddy A LOT. I lost 4 pounds that week. I don't have much weight to lose. Other people will lose 5-10. Weeks 2-8 were slower for me - about a pound or half a pound a week. But again, I don't have a lot to lose at this point (another 5-7 pounds total) and I was REALLY enjoying those carb up days. It was a reasonable amount of weight to lose and kept me feeling good on those carb down days when I wanted bread.

It is an amazing plan - solid nutrition that you can live with - don't over analyze it - do the first week PURE - NO CHEATING - and learn from the science what our food does to our bodies.

Congrats again and best of luck on your new venture!

@ 11:04pm ET on July 10, 2008
Hi, congrats to all of you who have lost weight on the Wendy diet.
Just a question, though, I have fibromyalgia, does anyone know if this diet will work for me? I struggle to lose weight, even when i do not eat anything, and due to the fatigue I cannot exercise either vigorously or for any lengthy period of time.
AND I need to have carbs (bread) or I am too tired to do anything but sit in a chair all day, or stay in bed.
So,if anyone has fibro, I would love your comment, if anyone has medical knowledge, I would appreciate your advice, too.

@ 1:49pm ET on July 13, 2008
I am starting this diet today..also have fibromyalgia. Desperate to lose 45 lbs. I will make this my main focus and walk or swim each day. I understand the lack of energy regarding not eating carbs. Try green tea early in the day for extra energy without heavy caffeine. Ginseng and B vitamins work really well also. Always stay away from processed carbs...they are poison. Let you know how it goes after my first week.

@ 4:26pm ET on July 15, 2008
Good news! I am working on having Wendy become a regular blogger here at Diet.com. Meanwhile, Wendy was nice enough to answer some of your blog comments above:

to Jerri906
Jerri, what a gift you gave yourself! Healthy living is something you have to work on but the rewards are a life-time of feeling and looking great. Nice job and keep up the good work! I’m very proud of your efforts!

to dressel70
Great insight and true understanding of what we are trying to do with our plan. Thanks for the comments

to Dee5
Dee I’m just the messenger it was YOU had to do all the work! I’m excited to see your continued progress! Stick with it Girl! It is wonderful to have you in class!

Thanks Jannet, Yes the body is an Amazing Gift and a Great passion of mine to teach others!

Jenni Young
Jenni you have identified one of the best parts about “Crack the Fat Loss Code” you can stay on this plan because you build it into your life! You can be consistent because your never deprived except for the first 7 days of course. Best to you always and continue on your journey to becoming Forever Fit!

Fantastic Results from a Fantastic Student! I’m very proud of you! Your transformation is amazing

All very true statements. As long as you know how to get back on program you will never slip backwards. Planned breaks from any plan in life is called a vacation, so why not take an eating vacation once and a while and never feel guilty about it. After your little break you will be ready to go back to your plan renewed and ready to continue a great way of living!

Thanks and I wish I could help everyone in person. I talk with and receive emails everyday from people struggling with their weight and health. That was the major reason for writing my book, in hopes that I could reach the many that need me. Thanks for your wonderful comments

AHH you have mentioned one of my favorite lessons that I teach in class. We get so caught up with the taste of food that we forget to remember its purpose. Food is fuel and your body doesn’t care that it taste good or was cooked by a renowned chef. Food is what fuels our bodies for the many functions it does and helps the body in its ultimate goal Survival! So yes food is fuel and food is fun but food is only fun when your dressed for fun! You learned your lesson well!

Sugar free jello and sugar free fudgsicles are on the plan for a treat to help you feel satisfied. The main thing to look for is that the treat is sugar free and not ice cream but only the jello or no added sugar fudgsicle. Hope that helps

Fantastic glad you’re getting started. And it is great to have the motivation of doing it with a friend. In the book we have given you for each cycle my shopping list of items that will help you for each cycle of the plan so you will have plenty of detail what to buy. As far as what to expect you will typically lose from 3- 16lbs in the first week of the plan and up to 25lbs in 8 weeks. You are both young and have the advantage of youthful hormones on your side so add some am walking of walk/jog and you will really see the results. Of course you can continue to ask us for support as well. Get started, Stick to the plan… Best to both of you

@ 4:28pm ET on July 15, 2008
NOTE: Wendy has also agreed to do a live member chat here at Diet.com... stay tuned for time and date.

John McGran
Diet.com VP/Content

@ 4:43pm ET on July 16, 2008
I just ordered this book and hope to receive it this sometime this week. I have been trying to lose the last 10 lbs. for some time now and hope this will kick my body into gear. From everyone's comments it seems very doable and it does help to know that there are others out there with the same struggle, especially living in the "fast food" world we live in!!!

@ 4:52pm ET on July 16, 2008
I just recieved the book in the mail and spent the last hour reading it. I am so excited. I was wondering if I can substitute canned salmon for fresh. It is so expensive and I am not working at the present time.

@ 7:47pm ET on July 17, 2008
I just started the diet today and so far I have felt great not really that hungry, Well maybe the Trimspa is helping with that aspect too. But I was just wondering how everyone did on their first week? and Does it get worse after day one?

@ 12:52am ET on July 18, 2008
I am at the end of my third day. Today was a little hard I had no energy but I made it through. I hear it gets better after today. I haven't weighed myself I'm not going to till the end of the week.(I know better then to weigh everyday. I have about 95 to loose so I have a way to go but I'm very optimistic. Good luck to you all.

@ 7:26am ET on July 20, 2008
I have the book and am working my way through it. Currently I am losing weight doing 1500 calories and keeping my exercise routine mixed up, but I am trying to plan for a plateau. I also want to learn about the program for the long term.

The only question or 'concern' I have is the fact that it suggests or supports artificial sweeteners. I am trying to avoid these and just wonder how to adapt things...... Anyway, I am looking forward to a 'chat' with Wendy.

@ 5:37pm ET on July 21, 2008
I came across the article for this book in First magazine. Didn't believe it would work but decided to try. I've tried so many crazy things, 3 day diet, juice diet, weightloss through hypnosis! The book was sold out all over town so I ordered online and still haven't received it. I was anxious to get started and order the online book. I started last Monday and really stuck to the plan 100%. Day 2 and 3 were awful, just awful. Mostly because I was exhausted and had a headache. But she warns you that will happen. After those two days I felt much more energy. I didn't exercise all week because I was too tired. I didn't weight myself all week because I really didn't think I was losing that much with no exercise. And, it seemed like I was eating all the time! But my clothes felt looser. So, I shopped last night for week 2 food. Well, I got on the scale this morning. I weighed myself over and over because I didn't believe what I saw. I lost 12 pounds! In one week! I am on cloud nine and more dedicated than ever. My cravings are gone and I feel much better about what I'm putting into my body. Everyone who has seen my results wants to start this diet. I highly recommend it!

@ 1:34pm ET on July 30, 2008
I am on my third week of cracking my fat loss code. I also read the article in "First" magazine. As Rachelllianne states, the book was sold out all over town, so I ordered one online. I lost 7 lbs the 1st week, 2 lbs the 2nd week. It has been very easy for me so far. The only question I have for Wendy is in the book she states you can pick which days to be your "D" days. I want to change mine to Thursdays and Sundays. In that case, what would the day before and after be? I'm assuming "C" before and "B" after. So, starting with Monday, it would be B,C,C,D,C,C,D. But that only gives me one baseline day instead of two. I hope Wendy will respond to make sure I'm not messing up the code. I feel that this is the "diet" that will become my lifestyle.

@ 6:55pm ET on July 31, 2008
just got the book today and will read some before starting. Maybe I will start on Monday if I get enough of the book read.
How is everyone doing so far. Don't see too many
new post on here.

@ 8:27am ET on August 1, 2008
Hi everyone here!!
I'm on week 3 day 5
There's a whole BUNCH of us, as we call ourselves, "Crackers" on a site- lowcarbfriends.com. Look (it's not easy) to find the challenge thread and look for the Wendy Chant stuff. SOOO much support and helpful info- LOTS of great successes to read up on. The more the merrier!!!!

@ 8:56am ET on August 1, 2008
John MC

There are several discrepancies in the book. Many things are unclear. (Never do they say sugar free Fudgecicles!! My personal gripe) The book needs serious editing... C'mon over to our site- we'd also LOVE to have Wendy chat with us- we are quite a group with lots of questions and it's just us trying to ascertain the correct info from the book....

@ 10:48pm ET on August 3, 2008
Hi- I am finishing my first week today and will weigh myself tomorrow. Looking ahead though I am concerned. I noticed you can still almost never have fruit. And milk is never mentioned anywhere! Can I never have a bowl of cereal- even like a Fiber One type of cereal- again? Also a little confused that I don't really see Protein with Starch with a Fat on Carb Up days? So... does that mean, no tuna sandwich ever again, even on Ezekial bread? I tried that Suzanne Somers diet briefly and realized it is unrealistic to never have a sandwich or a turkey burger- or starch with meat ever again. I'm wondering if this is the same type of thing. And the no milk is really freaking me out- I dont want osteoporosis! So for anyone who has done this plan longer term.... what's the deal? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

@ 2:40am ET on August 4, 2008
Hi Everyone...so glad this message board is up for questions and support. My husband and I started this diet over a week ago. Since we didn't start at the same time, we extended the first week by a few days. Tomorrow we begin phase 2. I've lost 7 pounds and so has he. As far as the milk question, my husband has been using soy milk and almond milk in the protein shakes. I purchased Jay Robbs brand and Puritan's Pride (soy based). I don't like either and have been making smoothies with frozen strawberries since they're low in carbs and still dropped a pretty good amount of weight in the first phase of the diet. I've been using a low carb kefir in the smoothies. I do find the diet a bit vague on exactly what's allowed. A detailed listing with measurements would be excellent if Wendy could list them somewhere on her web page. I have a hard time getting in the six meals since I just don't feel hungry until late morning early afternoon. I usually fit in about 4 meals sometimes 5. Is it ok to not eat breakfast? I've just never been a breakfast eater. Take care everyone and good luck!

@ 12:56am ET on August 5, 2008
Hi there! sounds like you and your husband are off to a good start! I am just starting phase two also and lost 10 pds the first week! I did eat breakfast even though I am not a regular breakfast eater. It did keep me full until the next meal.... and I never experienced any hunger or to my surprise ...... cravings! It was very vague as to what to eat but I think that is the beauty of the plan is that you adapt what you like protein wise etc using the weight and portion control. I ate cottage cheese as one meal every day and included a high protein whey shake. Week 2 & 3 seem easy to follow along but I dont understand yet how the fruit comes in.... which I really enjoy having. Iam going to try to find that E bread without flour. Continued success!

@ 2:17pm ET on August 5, 2008
I can't seem to find the crackers on low fat diets
any clues where you are exactly??

@ 10:51pm ET on August 5, 2008
Hey SuzieS. I found the Ezekial bread at Trader Joe's. It's a little dry, but very weclomed after not having bread for awhile. Did you happen to notice that on the meal plans for when you can have starches 2x a day, they have you eating starches for 3 meals? And at one meal they have a sub with chips and at another meal pasta with a roll...wouldn't that add up to more starches than you can have? Do you get that?

@ 4:26pm ET on August 23, 2008
I am going to start this diet tomorrow and I am very excited about this. I want to lose about 30 to 35lbs. I have tried everything, but I have only lost about 15lbs. I am going to have my mom go shopping with me, because I am only 20 and I am not sure what all I should buy!

@ 10:23am ET on August 24, 2008
I read the book and will be starting the program tomorrow. Regarding the questions about fruit, if you read the sample menus the fruit shows up on carb-up days. I had the same question about milk figured I would use it when I had my cereal for breakfast since there does not appear to be a magic number for how many carbs you can have per option. Does anyone have an answer to the fudgsicle question...with or without sugar?

@ 8:48am ET on April 27, 2009
Hello All! I am in week 5! The first day of accelerated, I have lost a total of 14 1/2 lbs my bf lost 30 lbs! We are in a "biggest loser" competition at my job and we have been in the lead since the first week!! The book is really helping us. We are a little confused tho with the plan today and this week not sure if it is typos or right...The book only has 5 meals today..It completely skips meal 2.. Does anyone know if its supposed to skip the meal? Please help if possible. Thanks Lori

@ 10:33am ET on May 1, 2009
Hi Lori! Yes I do believe that is correct about the skipping meal 2. I am in week 3 right now. Congrats to you on losing!! I sort of screwed up and should still be on the macro-pattering cycle however I skipped ahead to the accelerated fat loss. I was wondering if anyone knows...should I go back to the macro for the next week and then onto accelerated or just stay where I am?? I have lost 9lbs so far. I am currently at a weight of 146lbs and would like to lose about 20 more pounds. I love this book by the way!!

@ 5:35pm ET on June 2, 2009
So I read through the book somewhat hurridly (if thats a word) and I'm not understanding how much to eat (portions), and can you only eat from the lists in the book after the 8 weeks or even during the 8 week cycle? Obviously week 1 is pretty strict but after that can you eat any foods or just the ones on the lists under P, V, S, etc? I really need to lose 50 lbs and am hoping this book is the answer, and what about exercise after the first week? any suggestions? The people that have lost 50-70 lbs, did you exercise during the 8 week cycle? What did you do (cardio, weights, walking, etc)

@ 10:10am ET on June 3, 2009
I am midway through the second week and full of questions! Specifically about lots of foods that simply aren't mentioned. Is there another website where lots of questions about the program are answered? I am enjoying the program although week 1 was pretty difficult halfway through (that lightheaded feeling after your body depletes).

@ 1:38pm ET on June 5, 2009
Thanks for your post. PrincesSRH. Portion sizes are listed on the substitutions lists but to update you women should stick to 3-6oz of protein or 15-35 grams per meal and men should stay within 5-8oz or 30-50grams per meal. As far as veggies go the only time you are limited is the deplete week in my first book Crack the Fat loss Code otherwise veggies you can have at every meal if you want and the same thing her there is only a limit of the kinds of veggies on deplete week after that any veggie can be consumed. It is best to keep corn, carrots, beets and peas to higher carb days because of the amount of sugar those veggies contain. Fats can be consumed but stick with healthy oils and the saturated fats you should minimize such as mayo and cheese. If you have 50lbs to lose I do highly suggest you start with my first book Crack the fat loss code and then move on to conquer because most men lose 25-30lbs just using the first book and then the second book adds in exercise science and some information to apply in supplementation. This is the best way to go about it. Many people that have 50,70 or even 100 pounds to lose find it hard to exercise so no most don’t start with that and can achieve the fat loss because food comes first after some of the weight is dropped then exercise should be started because it is important for quality of life as you age. You want to be able to get out of a chair and walk up a flight of stairs or even chase your grandkids after all right? Keep us posted on your progress. Get started and the books tell you how to continue or you can always email me personally at wendy@joinforeverfit.com

Wendy Chant

@ 1:39pm ET on June 5, 2009
Hi Kevin, you can visit our website at www.joinforeverfit.com we have a message board you can also email us with questions we are happy to answer wendy@joinforeverfit.com Glad you are enjoying the program. Keep us posted and we are happy to help.

Wendy Chant

@ 2:30pm ET on August 24, 2009
Hi Wendy!

I have a couple of questiions, in your carp down meal planner you are saying no more then 20 carps per day, but if you count up the carps in the 6 meal plan there are 20 carps alone in the two protein shakes. Am i missing something?
Second alot of you meal suggestions deal with more then one servings, can this be kept in fridge or frozen.
Would be nice if the book had all receipes suggested for one and then more.

Other then that i am ready to go as i am only looking at around 10 pounds i wish to loose. i lost 40 4 1/2 years ago and have only put 9 lbs back on.

Thanks for your reply.


@ 6:09pm ET on October 12, 2009
Wendy, I have just read about your diet in First magazine and am very interested. Right now I'm trying WW and it is not doing anything. I did do the South Beach Diet and did loose 40 lbs. which I have since put all back on. I don't want to give up carbs totally. I have a hard time usually after 8pm. The rest of the day I eat breakfast lunch dinner and than snacks until about 10:00. I need help but do not know how to get started on your diet. Does you book have suggestions reg. recipies etc. Thank you for your help. Sandy

@ 2:01pm ET on October 13, 2009
Am confused about the oatmeal recommended in First Magazine. Do you eat this on carb up or carb down or all days?

Also, if having whey shakes, how many oz of whey powder do you use?

@ 9:37pm ET on October 25, 2009
Hi Wendy, this is my second time on this plan. First time around i lost 20lbs. but this time the first week i lost 7lbs. but i also quit smoking. Week 2..nothing going on the middle of week 3..nothing. What is going on, i am on the nicotine patch and i almost want to start smoking again. Have you ever had this situation before because i am so depressed, i dont know what to do. I am following the plan exact.PLEASE HELP!!!

@ 11:45am ET on October 27, 2009
I just started week 2. I lost 7 lbs the first week and feel really good about that. I have noticed several typo's in the book and am worried that the meal planners might throw me off. I am trying to stick closely to the first planner for the Macro-patterning cycle. My question is, after the deplete cycle when you have a carb down day should you be watching carbs or fats? In the Macro Patterning I am asuming that you don't count carbs, but watch bad fats and keep them to 20grams. Is this correct or am I mis-understanding. As far as portions again I had to assume that a serving of anything is just that.. One serving, therefore If I have anything (i.e. dessing etc. if the label says 2tbl that is exactly what I use. Please let me know if there is anything I am missing here! I am really excited about this and I want to continue to do well on Cracking the Fat Loss Code!!!

@ 12:23am ET on October 31, 2009
Hi everyone! I just strated the plan this week. I am doing my best and so far have come down 7.5 pounds! I am really excited. I really need your help and support in this so I joined the group. I look forward to being supported and suppotive!

@ 10:28am ET on October 31, 2009
Anyone knows if I can have milk with my oatmeal on my card down day? Thanks, I will appreciate any response as my carb down starts tomorrow.

@ 7:19pm ET on November 1, 2009
Hello everyone I will be starting the diet tomorrow but I can't find the ezekiel bread...can I replace it with another type of bread? Also can I have coffee?


@ 11:26am ET on November 2, 2009
I on the second week of the plan.

I feel great and not hungry at all.

Since you can't eat a protein bar can you buy and individual cans of protein for the in between meals?


@ 12:30pm ET on November 2, 2009
Hello,I am beginning the carb deplete week today,can I eat the meals in any order or do I have to eat them in exact order? Thanks.

@ 11:59am ET on November 13, 2009
Hi, I read the book and am on day 5 of the first 7 day "diet". I have so many question! For week 1 can you have the broccoli spread over all meals or just where it's shown? Do you stick with low carb/low gylicimic index foods for week 2 +? How and where does milk come in? Is Soy Milk OK? How many carbs are allowed on the baseline? the Carb down? and Carb up days? Is there a list of acceptable foods and their recommended use by A,B,C, & D? What happens if you want to move the carb up day? is there a recommended reshuffling of the other days? When you show "fudgsicle" what kind do you mean? Should sweets be "sugarfree"? I have more questions but these will help. Thanks so much for your input

@ 9:24am ET on November 29, 2009
I am currently beginning week 4. I have lost 10 lbs. I lost the 10 lbs. during wwek 1 and haven't lost any since. I have been sticking to the meal plans and exercise 3 days a week w/treadmill and weights. I am currently 163 at 5'6" and would like to lose another 15lbs. Is this possible and do you have any suggestions?

@ 9:19pm ET on November 29, 2009
I read about this diet in First Magazine in October. I am anxious to get started as I need to lose about 40#. The book is very unclear as mentioned by many people in the blog. I am going to do the best I can with the information and try to stay within the correct carb and protein recommendations. I'm glad we have this blog to help each other!

@ 9:07pm ET on December 26, 2009
I would like to begin this diet, how do I DO this?

@ 11:09am ET on January 12, 2010
I finished my first 8 weeks on this program and I have lost 20 pounds! I was able to use the maintenance portion or the diet to get through the holidays and not gain any weight but actually still lose anpother 5 pounds! I am getting ready to do the re-start and am really excited about it! The book says that you can do 4 carb down days to re-start but I did so well before I am wondering if I should just start with the deplete again? Any suggestions?

@ 11:51am ET on January 15, 2010
Ive been on the plan for 1 week now and lost 12 pounds i love it but i also have some similiar questions about milk no where does it say if and when you can have also for the second week it says you can have fruit but i dont see it in the sample meals so again when and where can i eat it. if anybody knows answers that would be great thanks

@ 2:37pm ET on March 1, 2010
I just started week 5. I lost 7 lbs the first week and have been up and down with another pound. Any suggestions on the stall??? I have between 40 and 50 lbs to lose.

@ 11:07am ET on March 13, 2010
I am reading Crack the Fat-Loss Code and am half way through it. I decided to start week 1 before finishing it so if my question is answered later in the book, I apologize. Can we drink anything during week one besides water?

@ 11:57pm ET on March 25, 2010
Hi Everyone!!!
Just finished the maintanance portion of the diet!!! Lost a total of 30 pounds!!!!!Yeeha!!! Still need to loose about 40 pounds,,,,,not sure what to do next,,,Should I continue the maintanance or start again??? How do I do this?? Should I carb deplete again or start with cycle 2???? Not sure what to do,,,HELP!!! LOL!! If anyone with the experience of doing the 8 weeks and starting again could help me, Sooon I would really really apreciated!!!!!! Thnks!!!!
Michelle M.

@ 11:11am ET on March 27, 2010
Hi Everyone,I am looking foward to start this eating plan,because I have a feeling that it might just work for me.I ordered the book from a local bookshop,they promised to import the book for me and it will take 6 weeks to reach South Africa!Another 5 weeks to go.In the mean time I read your postings to get ready and motivated to start.Are there any other South Africans using this eating plan? Maybe we can swop ideas about food substitutes that is available in SA.Good luck losing weight everyone! M

@ 6:16pm ET on May 20, 2010
I started the food plan on 1/04/2010. To date I have lost 55 pounds with the plan. This is the first time in a long time I have been able to loose.
I am on my third cycle and feel this can be long term because you are able to have some of the foods you love but do not love you. I also feel because I am cooking more and not eating out of a box I can control more what is going into my body. I still have 25 pounds to go to reach my goal and am looking forward to maintaining my weight.

@ 7:29am ET on June 7, 2010
going to start crack the fat loss code and would like suggestions as to a brand of protein powder to purchase that fits into the plan.

@ 7:12pm ET on July 11, 2010
I just read this book and want to try it because it is lifestyle and not diet. In my 1st week I lost 6 lbs, but I had 40-50 gm carb because I am vegetarian and can not have any eggs so daily my one meal was oatmeal with mixed lentils. Not happy with my first week so I am going to start again tomorrow.
Any suggestion for vegan recipe under 20 carb beside broccoli and cabbage?

@ 4:45pm ET on July 15, 2010
I've been on this for months and love it. I'm almost back down to a size 6 (went up to a 14-16), but I don't do scales so I have no idea about actually pounds lost. As for the vegan issue, I've heard from many people that this just isn't an easy diet to follow if you don't eat dairy or fish. I'm not sure how to modify it.

@ 6:07pm ET on August 28, 2010
I started the Fat Loss code and I find the first week hard and in the second bookon page 39 it seems like the first and second week are the same but different than the first book on page 76.
Can you help me?

@ 11:13pm ET on January 12, 2011
Hi-I'm new to the lifestyle, foreverfit. Initially saw the book mentioned in the First magazine article. - found the book and sat on it for 6 months. Read the book in December and got so excited - I've lost close to 15lbs over the last year on my own. I have been regularilly exercising for the past 10 days or so. I started week one last nite, mid week and end of day. Never one to do the typical thing (Monday morning start). I am excited but finding I'm hungry and exhausted - since exercising I suppose. It seems that much more magnified now that I'm without carbs. Feel drained and tempted to run for treats and pepsi (my biggest down fall). Splitting headaches and just all around poopie. Gunna fight through it - will let you know how I make out. Good luck to all - and here's to being ready for a new life!

@ 3:33pm ET on March 20, 2012
I am very happy to announce that over the past 5 months I've lost 22 pounds on Wendy's plan. I'm through Conquer the Fatloss Code now but don't know where to go from here. No where in the book does it say what plan to follow after the 8 week program. It kind of just leaves you hanging. The website and toll free phone number are down since Wendy's untimely death which is so sad. Does anyone out there in Fatloss land know what to do after the book is finished?

@ 3:13pm ET on October 7, 2012
I just finished with the book and lost weight but still need to lose 10 pounds. I want to know should I start all over at begining of the diet?
Need help please .

@ 4:34pm ET on April 22, 2014
Unfortunately, all I see are questions...is there no one out there, say from Wendy's gym or website that can help answer any of these questions. The book is fantastic and makes the most sense of any diet book I've ever read. The eating plan also works and works well. I lost 22 pounds and have kept most of it off for over 2 years, however, the pounds are creeping back on and it would be good to have some support or advice from Wendy's group. Should I start the diet over at the deplete cycle? Some one must know something....

@ 4:35pm ET on April 22, 2014
Why wouldn't Wendy's camp want to continue her work after her death, in her honor? There are thousands of us that need support and to just leave us all hanging is very sad....

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