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I'm sure by now you've all heard the hullabaloo about Mayor Bloomberg (of NYC) and his aim to limit the size of sugary beverages sold in New York City to 16 oz or less.
While we don't necessarily agree (or disagree) with his methods, we do support his message that people ought to limit their intake of sugary drinks.

That's why I was so completely flabbergasted when I read this interview this morning, in which a Coca Cola executive (Katie Bayne, the president of the company's North American division of sparkling beverages) defends her company's pushing of large sugary drinks.

We strongly encourage you to read the interview yourself to make up your own mind, but here are a few particular points from her interview that make me see red!!!

- Bayne suggests that people need the energy "pick-me-up" of a sugary drink. With so many healthy, natural options for energy (think FRUIT, for example!), I see no reason for empty-calorie, sugar-laden beverages to be on the list of suggested energy pick-me-ups.

- Bayne also states that sodas aren't "empty calories" because they offer hydration, which people need. I believe that humans were hydrating ...    Continue

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