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Detailed Itinerary:

We will take you to know Choquequirao trek, an Inca magical city located in the South East of the city of Cusco, between the Apurimac River and the Vilcabamba mountain range, where the Salkantay mountain with a height of 6 271 m.s. (20575 ft.). It is an exciting walk, which combines the different altitudes of the highlands of Peru with a variety of wild flora fauna. The range offered by this hike is to see some species that are in extinction such as the condor of the Andes, the puma and the spectacled bear. This area served as a refuge and natural fortress for the sixteenth Inca resistance movement of the 16th century, because of that area it is preserved in the oral tradition that EL DORADO is located, even hidden for archeology.

Our tour starts very early leaving the city of Cusco heading to the town of Cachora, whose journey will be 4 hours in the town of Cachora know the people who will accompany us throughout the journey to achieve our goal, cooks, porters, carriers, among others, after a short break we will start our hike to the first camp in Chiquisca until reaching a height of (2900 masl).


Early in the morning we will take our delicious breakfast to start a wonderful hike descending to the Apurimac canyon.
The recommendation for this day is to lighten the weight of the backpack to avoid fatigue and fatigue due to excess heat; we will have lunch in the Rosalinas beach sector, after this break we will ascend for a lapse of 2:30 hrs. To the camp of Santa Rosa, overnight and dinner, in this camp we will enjoy a typical drink \"chambray\".

We gets up early to have breakfast and then start our walk to take advantage of the freshness of the morning, because at noon the heat becomes unbearable, the walk will be 4 hrs. To the place of Maranpata here we will stop to energize ourselves with our lunch in this sector, in the afternoon we will arrive at the archaeological group of Choquequirao, we will spend the night in the terraces of this place.

We visit the whole archaeological site as well as the museum where some of the pieces found during the excavations are observed, after our spectacular visit to these wonderful museums and spectacular archaeological complex we will undertake our return, we will have lunch in the area of Santa Rosa, Place of Chiquisca camp. strongarticle

Today we go to the town of Cachora, where our other team will be waiting for us with transportation to return to the city of Cusco, before boarding the bus we will have lunch and we will thank all the people who accompanied us during the walk, then we will continue with our trip until arriving at the city of Cusco at 6:00 p.m.

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