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Katrina Hodgson, NASM CPT, BS Health Science, has helped thousands reach their goals by designing fitness programs with her workout videos and her website ToneItUp.com. As one of Diet.com’s featured personal trainers she hopes to share her passion for fitness and continue to make a positive impact for the Diet.com community.

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Fitness Expert Katrina
by Katrina Hodgson, Diet.com Fitness Expert

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Here's a question that I often hear from frequent gym-goers: "What can I do when I get so bored at the gym that I look at every machine and dread the hour that is ahead of me?"
cardio treadmill
At some point in your workout, you will probably tell yourself, "I want to go home, I feel like I've done enough, let's get out of here!"

It might be 10 minutes into your workout or it could be 20, or more. The important thing is to stick to your goals and to keep yourself motivated during your workout.

Boredom strikes because doing the same thing (i.e. spending 45 minutes on a treadmill) can sometimes become very repetitive and boring.

I agree. To help out with the situation, here is my suggestion: SWITCH IT UP!

Start off your workout however you have designed (or how it was designed for you, depending on who wrote it) and when you get to your cardiovascular portion, instead of spending an assumed 30-60 minutes on a single piece of machinery, move around a bit.

It can be a subtle move, something as small as going from walking for 10 minutes, to climbing at an incline for 10 and back again. It can also be a bit more intense, like switching from a 15-minute walk on the treadmill, to a 20-minute ride on the spinner, then another 15 minutes on the stair climber.

Finish your workout with 10 minutes on the elliptical and you've got yourself ...    Continue

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@ 11:34am ET on April 18, 2007 My trainer created a plan for me that mixes up high intensity cardio and weight exercises in supersets. So I'll do a set of 15 bicep curls on the Bosu and then do bench jumps for 90 seconds, or something similar. Doing this keeps your heart rate up through the whole workout—whew! It's really hard work, but I definitely get great results. Of course, as a distance runner, I'm also big on taking your cardio outside the gym. Now that the weather's getting nice, why do your running on a treadmill when there's a whole beautiful world out there to explore? I also have a pair of rollerblades, and I'm just itching for the paved trails to dry up so my boyfriend and I can go play!
@ 2:23pm ET on May 28, 2008 Switching it up does make the time go quicker as does intervals on the treadmill. Thanks for the great tips, once again!!
@ 8:20am ET on June 3, 2008 Great tips!! I know this will be helpful for me for the long haul!!
@ 10:10pm ET on October 3, 2011 Just the motivation I needed today :-) Tomorrow I'm back in business!
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