Julia Havey is a woman very much like you. She’s a wife, mother, church volunteer, room mom, carpool driver, author, spokesperson and motivator. Julia’s struggles with weight led to her new career as an author (The Vice Busting Diet and Awaken the Diet Within), an advocate for obesity issues and the master motivator here at Diet.com.

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Vice Busting with Julia Havey

by Julia Havey, Diet.com Coach & Motivator

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Julia Havey has been a Diet.com expert blogger since January. Her approach to weight loss and lifestyle changes nicely mirrors the philosophy of Diet.com. Check out how she dropped 135 pounds, then see how it can fit into your new lifestyle.

A few years ago I launched the Vice Busting Diet. I know what you're thinking: "Just what the world needs -- another diet." But my plan is different... honest, it is. My plan doesn't so much tell you exactly what to eat as it does help you overcome the "vices" -- your overindulgence of food, drink, etc. -- that led you to your current overweight state.

I know you heard a lot about different weight loss plans. The truth is ANY diet will work if you stick with it. But most people (an estimated 85%) don't stick with them.

The Vice Busting Diet is the most effective diet plan that you can try because it isn't a diet but rather a consistent and gradual method of changing your habits that adds up to the best chance at permanent weight loss found anywhere or with any program.

Those of you who know my personal story of how I lost 135 pounds and have kept most off also know the first vice I busted was ice cream. Can you relate? I was eating a lot. And I was eating it every day. So when I decided I needed to get my life on track, ice cream had to go.

What vices do you need to jettison before you can get serious about weight loss? Pizza? French fries? Chocolate? Beer? The list is practically endless -- and odds are you have several food and drink vices that have always led to your dieting downfall.

Let's work together to make today the day you take that all-important step to banish the vices and get on with the life you want.

If you think about it, it makes sense. You aren't overweight because you are deficient of a particular "diet" rather you set in your habits. You love particular foods that you often break your diet to consume.

Have you been trying to lose weight for years? Does weight loss feel like a huge uphill battle?!

You need to first understand that the longer you've been overweight, then the easier the plan needs to be! You need a plan that you can follow so that you can gradually adjust to a healthy lifestyle... a lifestyle with healthy habits that allows you to lose the weight and feel great.

This is the way thousands of people achieve weight loss every day. And my Vice Busting Diet is your total weight loss plan to effectively lose weight!

The worst that can happen right now is you do nothing. That's what will change... NOTHING! The Vice Busting Diet gives you the exact steps to take control of your weight and your health than ever before. Start now! Just click here to get started NOW.

In 26 weeks, my Vice Busting Diet will change your life -- and you will be completely changed. You will weigh less... have a better figure, more energy and improved health... be better organized and happier... enjoy an improved relationship... show increased productivity at work and at home... and live a lifestyle of complete health!

You can't expect to lose weight and improve your fitness without positively affecting other areas of your life. And you will -- in a realistic, safe, easy and permanent way.

What is Vice Busting Diet?

It is a weight loss diet plans from which you can follow everyday to lose weight. This diet plan gives you the exact steps to control of your weight and of your health than ever before.

It was created by Julia Havey, who used this diet plan to lose lots of weight in just 26 weeks. This weight loss diet plan is endorsed by Dr. David Katz and has been discussed on "Oprah and Friends" -- on programs hosted by both Dr. Mehmet Oz and Bob Greene. This plan doesn't place demands on your schedule, your eating plan and your lifestyle. You will learn how to incorporate healthy habits into your life, one at a time. And you can start immediately!

What will you get from Vice Busting Diet?

As I said earlier, this weight loss plan lists the exact steps for losing weight and attaining a healthy lifestyle. You will positively lose weight in just 26 weeks. Now, The Vice Busting Diet will give you:

30-Minute Exercise Video: It is not enough that you acquired the information needed you have to exert effort to lose weight. All you have to do is follow the simple steps that Julia is showing you. You can access this video 24 hours a day. Get tips and pointers about exercise and fitness.

Getting Started Video: Vice Busting Diet make it a point that you can start with your diet plans with an easy guide from which you can follow daily. This video will serve s your motivational guide.

Life Changer Weight Loss Audio Program: Vice Busting Diet make it a point that you will take action based on the motivation given. This weight loss audio program includes 5 CDs that cover the 26-week diet plan.

Life Changer Weight Loss Journal: Vice Busting Diet makes it a point that you get much more than simply the information you should follow. You also get a 120-page journal that tells you how to increase your energy level tenfold. You will also learn the different levels of health and fitness so you will know where to start -- and the simple actions that can control your mood.

You also get a Dining-Out Guide that includes a list of the healthiest selections for more than 200 restaurants. The Nutrition Guide provides all the knowledge and nutritional facts and health info you need to succeed on your journey.

Secret of the Fittest Audio: I'll show you why many people fail to lose weight. You will learn 48 important ways to simplify your life, your eating, weight and your health. Here you will learn simple and effective tips and tricks to losing weight, staying fit and getting healthy.

Maintaining Momentum Audio: I'll show you how to focus on your goal. You will learn how and why most people failed to lose weight and why most people don't achieve their goal in life. You will also learn from this audio the No. 1 mistake why you always gain back the weight you already shed.

The Vice Busting Diet is really a complete weight loss guide and diet plan. You will learn that a simple action can contribute so much for your life.

You will learn how to change your life... one step at a time!

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