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by Ammo, Fitness Professional

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OK clearly this topic has no bottom, but I'm going to try to clench some good ideas about the gluteus maximus.

Butt ExercisesOur tails all tell a different story. They even go by different names: apple bottom, eggs in a hanky, cottage cheese factory, waffle house booty, pancake booty, brick house, pebbles, saddlebags, high water booty, fridge butt, thunder butt, and one of my favorites, "what the hell is that?" booty.

Now people can be pretty anal about their tush, and for good reason. No one wants to be rear-ended with a whole bunch of nasty comments, especially from your friends.

However, I'm not writing to talk about how you can make it look good, but why you need to get it to work. That's right. Big booty doesn't mean working booty. Just because you have something to park doesn't mean it knows how to drive, get it?

Besides jiggling, the butt (made up of three muscles) is the prime mover for most lower body movements. We're talking about walking, running, sitting, climbing and more.

The gluteus maximus is one of the largest and strongest muscles in the body, responsible for moving the thigh to the rear. The gluteus medius and minimus serve to move the leg away from the center-line of the body. When these muscles are not working properly, your resilient body will force other muscles to chip in and help.

The problem is that those other muscles, like the hamstrings or the IT band, get overworked because they're doing too much work. This can lead to strains, feelings of tightness, or - worst of all - tears.

You can also have back pain because of a weak butt! Sitting in a chair most of the day stretches the glutes out, and can impair your mind-butt connection. That just means getting your butt muscles to fire when you need them to.

I constantly tell my clients to squeeze their glutes while doing certain exercises like squats, lunges, or even doing a tricep push down exercise! For the most part, we need to wake those muscles up, so squeezing really helps.

You can refer to my other articles for exercises that will help activate the glutes like 3 Exercise to Shrink Your Thighs or My Best 3-Exercise Butt-Firming Workout.

So girls this is a great article to help you know why you need a nice booty and for guys to keep their mind on their own butts!

NOTES: Some exercises are generally for the physically fit and active. If you suffer from joint pain, or have cardiac-related problems, please consult a physician before starting a routine. Otherwise, seek an experienced personal trainer for proper techniques.

For more information, check out AmmoAthletics.com.

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