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The over-indulgent weekend is officially over, sadly. The pizza, the deep fried desserts, the baked goods, the porterhouse steaks. And that's when I found the box of apple-cider donuts in the bread box... who said this was going to be easy?

My goals for the week: 1. Exercise every day. 2. Stick to my diet. 3. Avoid temptation.

This blog challenge has me thinking about fitness in general. I think people get to caught up with the numbers. I think it's good to set goals, like dropping a dumbbell from your midsection, but I think it's more important to be more healthy overall. People should want to eat right, exercise, take care of themselves. If for nothing else to lower your insurance premiums.

Enough of the couch. Time for the exercise bike. Here we go...

@ 12:38pm ET on September 27, 2011
You are right. The numbers are a good goal and can be a great motivator, but they are not the be all and end all. Taking steps towards being healthier is the most important thing. Good luck to you!

@ 8:20pm ET on September 27, 2011
I agree, feeling better is a more important goal than trying to reach a certain number! Hope all is going well!

@ 11:22pm ET on September 27, 2011
I agree that people should want to eat right and take care of themselves. I figure I should do this while I can and not regret when im diabetic, overweight, and not able to even exercise!

@ 9:37am ET on September 28, 2011
You should definitely set some "mini-goals" for yourself - small, attainable goals that you'd like to reach, that you can begin to tackle one by one. This are a couple helpful Tips on the topic:!/

You can find WAY more tips in our Tips section, which you can find under MORE up there ^^ in our top navigation. Hope you find it helpful, and GOOD LUCK!

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