Alex Ong is the author of Mind Your Own Wellness and founder of MindYourOwnWellness.com. A food industry marketing executive, Alex conquered his obesity and high cholesterol at age 30 when he developed his natural weight-loss system, The 5 Color Belts Eating Formula.

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Mind Your Own Wellness

by Alex Ong, Wellness Coach

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Buffets and smorgasbords -- are they worth it? How much can you gain out of eating at buffets?

If you could eat twice or three times as much, do you actually come out ahead?

Mind Your Own Wellness: Buffet tipsOn the surface, it is worth it... to eat more than you paid for. But realistically, you are gaining weight by eating two or three times as much as you need.

Unfortunately, the gain is never a profit in your pocket. It is in pounds on the scale.

It will be more fun and pleasurable if your goal is to explore different kinds of food that buffet restaurants offer, or to give yourself a break from your routine meals without overeating.

The good thing about buffets is that they normally offer a choice of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat those first!

And remember, a good strategy for buffet eating is to drink a glass of water first. Hope this helps!

BONUS TIP: Eating When Very Hungry & In A Hurry

Like a food vampire, many busy people with lots of responsibilities take very few bites and swallow food very quickly.

Whenever we are rushing, we have the tendency to forget to chew our food well before we swallow. Yes, we may save a few minutes, but we are actually adding extra burdens to our stomach.

The larger the chunk of food that we swallow, the longer and harder it will take to digest. When we eat in a hurry, it increases the chance of overeating because we will not feel full as quickly. By the time we feel full, we have already eaten more than we need.

Indigestion often comes along and is followed by tiredness, headache, stomach discomfort, and finally constipation.

Even if you think you need to rush through a meal, how far ahead will you be if you feel awful afterwards?

Hydrate yourself with a glass of water first, and remind yourself this: "Whenever I am very hungry and in a hurry, I really need to slow down and chew my food well."

Best wishes!

Source: Mind Your Own Wellness " Turning Thoughts Into Reality

Alex Ong has experience in the food industry as a marketing executive. He conquered his obesity and high cholesterol at age 30, when he developed his own natural weight-loss system, the 5 Color Belts Eating Formula. Alex is also the founder of MindYourOwnWellness.com

@ 6:08pm ET on February 26, 2009
Too often we place value on what we get, not on what is good for us - I avoid buffets and it has helped me immensely to relearn portion control. Patty

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