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Diet Talk from the Doc
by Dr.Diet, Diet.com's Medical Director

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A past issue of Food Technology discussed food science and nutrition research findings regarding how to reformulate the calorie level and taste of breakfast foods to help dieters feel satisfied on fewer calories.

This may be easier said than done because if the product tastes too good, people will want to eat too much of it but if it doesn't taste good enough, they may not want any of it. Also, one method discussed, pumping cereals with air or water to increase the volume but not the calories, could have negative effects on digestion.

To read the full article, click here:
Building a Better Breakfast to Manage Weight

Dr. Diet weighs in:

It seems that food processors are trying to create new breakfast products that will help people lose weight when the truth is we already know ways to lower our calorie intake and increase our feelings of fullness with existing products.

For example, by adding nonfat milk to a high fiber cereal or oatmeal and topping with fruit (and maybe a few nuts), you'll get the benefits of a lower calorie, higher fiber breakfast that will keep you feeling full longer. Or - another good option is low fat yogurt with fruit and nuts and maybe some cottage cheese mixed in.

Impressive results from a Nielsen's National Eating Trends Survey found that women who ate cereal on a regular basis weighed about 9 pounds less than those who ate cereal rarely or not at all. And men who ate breakfast weighed about 6 pounds less than men who didn't eat breakfast.

Eating breakfast every day was also seen as one of the most important predictors of long-term weight maintenance among participants in the National Weight Control Registry.

This may give you more reasons to stop and pause the next time you walk by that cereal aisle in the grocery store.

@ 11:02am ET on February 28, 2007 I can't resist commenting on this blog, because I'm kind of obsessed with oatmeal in the morning. I make about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of thick oats with a pinch of brown sugar and some golden raisins, and a splash of Vanilla Silk soy milk. It's so warm and delicious, the perfect start to the day, especially in the winter. I make sure I have enough time each morning for oatmeal, otherwise my day feels incomplete!
@ 6:49pm ET on February 28, 2007 This is something I really need to work at. I have NEVER been a breakfast person, except when my thyroid was out of control and I was STARVING all the time.
Maybe I should re-think my morning and add cereal to the plan????
What are some good, low cal options?
@ 8:48pm ET on February 28, 2007 I just can't eat breakfast and still don't make myself have anything more than a cup of coffee. I don't have any hunger pangs during the morning and don't eat lunch until 12.45pm (My scheduled time at work). I think hunger is more in the mind than anywhere else. If we're busy, we often don't think of food. If we expect to eat, we start to feel "hungry".
I know I'm going against the grain here but as long as I have my 1500 calories a day, I don't bother to worry about when I eat them. But that's just me!
@ 9:51am ET on December 28, 2007 me im the person that likes to snack on the wrong things like,candy and chips maybe a sandwhich.But im only 15 and im 5 5 and i already weigh 161.ppl say im not fat but i dont see it.I just need to lose enough weight so that im happy.Please sum one help me that has lost weight without spending too much money.((like only on food))i dont have alot of money that my mommas planing to spend on me to "waste".But im so serious about loosing weight.please help
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