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Healthy Eating Tips, Tricks and more!

by Meredith Oliver, Healthy Snack Authority

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Easter is a holiday associated with loads of sugary candy, specifically chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps. Savvy Snacker is here to give you the lowdown on the BEST and WORST Easter candies out there for dieters and those watching their weight.

Now please know that these are not based on taste. In fact, my favorites are among the worst, but stay away if you do not want to end up feeling guilty and wondering why the pounds aren't melting off.

First, the 3 WORST...

1. Russell Stover Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny

This cute "little" bunny contains a whopping 1,100 calories. Yes, it will satisfy a chocolate craving, but will also most likely make you sick if eaten in one sitting. And it's not just the Russell Stover bunny - there are lots of other 5""12" bunnies that I have seen with similarly high calorie contents. Step away from the bunnies!

2. Mini Cadbury Eggs

These wonderful tasting mini eggs are probably the most popular candy of the season. However, if you are watching your waistline, they are likely to be your nemesis. Once you give in, you simply cannot stop at a small handful. So my advice is to avoid these altogether. It's simply not worth it.

3. Cadbury Crème Egg

Cadbury chocolate makes out like a bandit on Easter and I'm sure most of us have enjoyed this overindulgent treat. Sure, that gooey sugar "egg yoke" in the middle may seem delectable, but with a ridiculous 170 calories for one egg about the size of a walnut, it just isn't worth it. And considering the size, I'm sure that just one will not cut it. So think of all the extra miles on the treadmill that it will take burn off these evil treats. Again, just not worth it.

And now, the 3 BEST...

1. Sugar-free Jelly Belly's

You cannot taste the difference between regular Jelly Belly's and Sugar-Free. These jelly beans are so flavorful you will not even notice that you aren't eating sugar and your sugar craving will diminish. Another plus, they come in decent size snack bags that allow you to eat the whole thing without feeling guilty!

2. Palmer Little Beauty Mini Chocolate Bunny

If you've simply got to have some chocolate (I know I do!) this is your bunny. Standing about 3 inches tall, the treat contains 140 calories. Compare that to the Russell Stover bunny mentioned above!

3. Peeps

People have mixed reviews, but for a sugary treat these are a great option. You can have 5 whole Peeping Bunnies for only 140 calories. That is satisfying (well, at least more satisfying) for your weight loss plan!

It is possible to keep your weight loss on track this Easter. Just make sure you are not overindulging at dinner by keeping your portions in check and you should be seeing results throughout the holiday!

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