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Celebrities and Diet

by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger

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Anyone who's taken a nutrition class knows that consuming the recommended amount of vitamins and nutrients can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you are trying to lose weight and reduce the number of calories in your diet.  If you eat mostly whole foods, this task is easier than it seems.  But if your idea of dieting includes 100 calorie packs, sugar free ice cream and egg whites, you most likely are not getting all of the essential vitamins and nutrients you need to drop the weight efficiently.  Here are a few nutrients dieters may find difficult reaching their RDA, and here’s how they can meet their needs.

For starters, in order to get the recommended amount of Vitamin E, you would have to eat 12 eggs or a handful of almonds.  However, some people are steadfast in how they think about nuts: that they are high in fat and calories, that they are not a diet-friendly food, and they refuse to eat them.  A good way to meet the needs for Vitamin E would be to take a supplement.

Although you can get your RDA of Vitamin D by just going outside on a sunny day, this is not always a viable option.  The most convenient way to get your RDA of Vitamin D is through fortified cereals and milk.  However, those trying to reduce their carb intake, limit processed foods or avoid drinking their calories, may find it difficult to meet their bodies’ needs.  If you can't get some sunlight, [as we recently experienced here in the northeast during the months of June and July, a supplement may help.

Studies have recently shown that Fish Oil is also an amazing supplement.  Numerous studies suggest the healthy fats found in fish oil help prevent heart disease, improve the efficacy of exercise in reducing weight, and alleviates anxiety and depression.  Who wouldn't want more fish oil in their lives? 

Eating fatty fish such as salmon is a great way to get healthy fats in the form of omega-3s in your diet. However, if you can't afford foods like salmon or you’re vegetarian, an omega-3 supplement can be a way to get these fats, in addition to eating foods such as flax, walnuts, and olive oil.

Labeling a food as a Superfood has skyrocketed in the past couple of years.  The original however, is Broccoli known for its high levels of antioxidants and minerals, especially chromium.  Chromium has been shown to help your insulin function better – an extremely important support as insulin resistance causes diabetes, obesity, and depression.   Regulating insulin and blood sugar levels, chromium also helps breakdown the carbs, fat, and proteins you eat, into energy your body can use. 

As a result of all the refined foods we eat, people simply do not get enough chromium.  The mineral is stripped from the foods we eat when it is processed.  In its natural state our bodies have a difficult time absorbing Chromium, but when combined with picolinic acid in pill form we are able to do so more efficiently.  The average Chromium intake (33 mcg) for an American is categorized as adequate but is well below the dosage used in studies and recommended by health professionals (200 mcg).   To get the better, stronger benefits that chromium has to offer, you would need to eat 9 cups of chopped broccoli (278 calories), 22 cups of tomatoes (713 calories), 6 pounds of beef (4409 calories) or 200 slices of whole wheat bread (2000 calories)!  Not very diet friendly by any means.

A recent study revealed that consuming 1000 mcg of chromium from Chromium Picolinate has the effect of reducing hunger and boosting satiety, which led to a significant drop in total daily calories consumed during an 8 week study at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center.  To get this amount naturally, you'd need 45 cups of broccoli (1392 calories), 111 cups of tomatoes (3596 calories), 30 lbs of beef (12860 calories) or 1000 slices of whole wheat bread (20,000 calories)! 

In this case a supplement is definitely recommended! Iceland Health® Appetite Control FormulaTM, which contains Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Fish Oil and Chromium Picolinate is the safe, all natural way to ensure you are getting essential weight loss vitamins and minerals.  This product is expected to help reduce cravings, hunger levels, appetite, and food intake by as much as 25%*.   Iceland Health® Appetite Control FormulaTM has the ability to curb appetite without the usual side effects of most diet supplements – jitteriness, unpleasant digestive issues, sleep loss, etc.*  It provides an effective and cost efficient tool helping people achieve their weight ...    Continue

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@ 10:28pm ET on July 26, 2009
uh..don't think i can afford something like that

@ 10:31pm ET on July 29, 2009
Great post Sarah! I'm one of those who takes a multivitamin for women EVERY SINGLE DAY. It makes me feel better & I'm sure that it helps balance & boost my health.

Thanks for stressing the importance of taking care of your health from the inside out, rather than the opposite!

@ 7:44pm ET on August 10, 2009
This article is amazing. Since I've lost 94 pounds all on my own, I have switched to a much healthier diet and crave all those foods mentioned in the article. More so than the sweets, fattening food. Now I have to tell you that every now and then I must have my chocolate, doughnuts, etc. and I do. But it doesn't come as often as it use to. We can eat those foods, smaller portions and having them every once in a while will not hurt what you have done. But 90% of the time I am eat my veggies, protein and small amount of carbs which you so desperately need for energy. It is going on 4 years and I stay within my means with foods that are healthy for me and they take away the craves of eating more, less sweets. I stay within a weight of 139-145, never going over or under this weight. It works! I feel great and I think I look better at this weight. I never go over that 145 mark and I stay within that range because it's comfortable for me. I gain weight don't get me wrong, but I never go over my maximum allowance of 145. If I do, my body will show me that it's not allowing it.
I know my body and my body knows me, that's what it's all about. If you keep eating and stretching what you have lost you will surely gain back all your weight. Know your limits.

@ 8:51am ET on January 28, 2010
I think that everyone needs to take vitamins and some sort of supplements to enhance the deficiency that they are getting with the way they eat food. So many times people take diet pills without the proper nutrition and don't understand its a mix of both. I exercise & stretch too but I know if it were not for slimsource weight loss formula it would be a lot harder. Check out the ingredients on their site. www.slimsourceproducts.com, I'm not even sure if there it shows how packed it is with the daily vitamins needed. The best part is that its endorsed by a Doctor( Dr. Rene Garcia). After researching all sites, I found this to be the safest and most reliable. Any how it helped me eliminate those cravings you are mentioning. Take care of yourselves and be sure you are doing what is best for your body in slimming down. Watch your diet, nutrition, exercise. Check with your Dr. before you start any program.You want to be sure your sleeping well and drinking enough H20(lol water).. Good luck everyone!!!

@ 12:17pm ET on July 25, 2011
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@ 8:07am ET on September 12, 2019
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@ 9:51pm ET on October 14, 2019
I haven't got into vitamins yet. I just switched over to a 90% vegan, 10% vegetarian diet. Most of my time goes to food prep..but I feel so much better. Honestly, I probably have more vitamins and minerals in my diet now than I ever did. But I do need a vitamin B supplement. Great article btw..lots of good info :) Financial Advisor Sarasota FL

@ 11:31am ET on October 20, 2019
I have always preferred the natural nutrients and vitamins. Yeah, supplements are essential but I am a bit anxious about its possible side effects.

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