John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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You’ve seen him on Oprah. Now, in this Diet.com exclusive, “The Makeover Guy” Christopher Hopkins is here to teach YOU how to Stage Your Comeback with his makeup, fashion and hair tips that’ll turn you from blah to WOW!

Get ready to look better and feel better fast. Although the subtitle of Hopkins' hot new book is "A Complete Beauty revival for Women Over 45" his expert advice will work for any woman who has let herself go.

And that includes overweight women of any age or size.

"In order for any diet or any 'comeback' to be successful you need to do what I call the 4 A’s," Hopkins tells Diet.com.

"You must ASPIRE and tell yourself, 'I want it!' To do this I urge you to come up with 'trigger trippers' you look at daily for motivation. These can be your skinny jeans, a photo of you on the beach when you were at an ideal weight, or a photo from a magazine that motivates you).

"The next A word is APPROVE. Tell yourself, 'I deserve it!'
To do this you should blast belief systems and expose excuses that are holding you back. Write down your excuses and look at them often.

"The third A word is ASSUME. Tell yourself, "'I will have it!' You need to affix in your mind a state of belief that assumes you will reach your goal.

"The final A word is AFFIRM. You need to tell yourself, 'I am it!' Write down your affirmations in the present. A few good examples: I am a size 8... I am wearing a little black dress to my class reunion... I look slim and svelte!"

Hopkins goes much more in-depth in Chapter 1 of his beautifully illustrated and easy-to-read book Staging Your Comeback (HCI Books). During my recent interview with Hopkins, I got a sense this guy is really passionate about helping women return to the "good old days" -- and he's savvy enough to give advice that will improve your looks without damaging your bank account!

Hopkins believes that as you age, you become more beautiful but often feel less attractive. His book can change that sad cycle.

It's not that women don't care about their looks. It's more like they've been dealt other important things that need their nurturing energy.

"They've taken a backseat to everything and everyone else," he says. "They know what to do, but don’t have motivation to get off butt and do it.

"Most women put everything and everyone in front of themself. Children are a great personal attention diverter. The years pass and suddenly a woman will look at herself in the mirror and say WHOA..."

Ready to come out of the shadows and take center stage again? The step-by-step strategies and detailed advice in Staging Your Comeback will teach you to:

• Restore your hair with your ideal cut, color and style.

• Revamp your wardrobe to flatter a changing body.

• Refresh your face with "visible lift" makeup techniques.

• Renew your spirit and maintain your look using Hopkins' revival guide.

"Women need to nail down a plan," Hopkins says. "After they've achieved the 4 A's I mentioned earlier, they need to turn their attention to the 3 D's. (Yes, the man loves his letters!)

1. Devise your strategy!
"Put all your information in one place, such as a three-ring binder to hold your 'beauty revival guide.' Create your affirmations page and develop your morning routine.

2. Designate the time!
"You need to plan everything from grocery shopping to workout time to the snack breaks for small meals throughout the day."

3. Deliver the good!
"Read your revival guide and affirmations daily. Follow your routine. And countdown backwards to your goal date with tasks leading up to that big day when you will be at your goal. One example is 'August 23 wedding: I weigh 20 pounds less.' Now, work your way back to the current day with realistic goals for your journey."

Hopkins says you could also put ways to dress slimmer while you’re on the path.

"Remember round adds pounds… anything round, a neckline, a hair shape, a round-toed shoe or polka dots, will add visual pounds wherever it is placed," he says.

"Diagonals slenderize (V-necks, pointed shoes, a surplice wrap dress or blouse, ...    Continue

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@ 12:06am ET on May 12, 2008
Wow...this is such great advice! I feel like we are learning to how aspire and see ourselves at the places we want to be with the support of diet.com I love how we are supposed to set goals, visualize, and be determined! I also think the helpful little tips at the end were great!


@ 12:39am ET on May 12, 2008
It's definitely important that our outside should reflect how we feel inside. We invest a lot of time in our health, we should invest time in beauty as well. Well done.

@ 12:42am ET on May 12, 2008
Thanks for posting -- you are now in the running for the free copy of the Staging Your Comeback book!

@ 4:49am ET on May 12, 2008
I love that Hopkins understands how women put others before themselves, and don't realize how detrimental it can be. Even though I'm not a middle-aged woman with children, it's tough to realize how much I neglect myself! Thanks for the tips, too.

@ 7:27am ET on May 12, 2008
Great suggestions here!!! I just printed out the 4 A's and the 3 D's to post as reminders to me.
Glad I read this!!

@ 9:14am ET on May 12, 2008
What a great article!

So many women take a backseat to everyone else in their life and need a wake up call to care for themselves too.

This site is a great place for women to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and feel good about themselves!


@ 9:48am ET on May 12, 2008
I'm going to remember that "round adds poundS." I have a shirt with a round neckline that looks horrible on me even thought it's a really pretty shirt! Now I know why!

@ 9:57am ET on May 12, 2008
Thanks for the offer of the book.....Im hoping Im not too far gone already! The thought of making a "comeback" is exciting, but a little unbelieveable......

@ 10:08am ET on May 12, 2008
These are Great Suggestions! I have had many battles of getting started on the path to better myself and now know its was the planning that needed a boost. Thanks for the Great Tips and I will use them daily.

@ 11:25am ET on May 12, 2008
This sounds really great! And a lot of fun too. I like the idea of having everything in a little book to stay organized and focused. :)

@ 4:55pm ET on May 12, 2008
It is all so true, women put everyone and everything before themselves. My last "little one" just graduated from high school. Move over world .. Here I Come!"

@ 9:03pm ET on May 13, 2008

@ 9:04pm ET on May 13, 2008
I'm a brat. I'm demanding and I want this. :)
but im not over 45..

fine.. for my mummmmyyy ;)

@ 3:41am ET on May 14, 2008
Oh how I would love to receive a copy of this book! :) I am a big fan of Oprah and she is actually on my diet profile as a person I would love to meet. I would love to read more from Christopher Hopkins' book. I am working so hard towards creating "a new me". I have placed so much emphasis on pleasing everyone else and I'm now thinking of me and having a copy of this book would assist me with making sure I remember to consider myself first(which is always a challenge) and how to become a better planner. Planning is so important. I feel it ensures that I have time for "me". Like many women I have a family, work, volunteer, help to care for my mother and make time for friends whenever needed. Now that is not a complete list of what I do.(Imagine that :-) I'm sometimes amazed at how I'm able to fit in time for exercise. But I walk with a neighbor 6 days a week and for 2 1/2 miles each day and so far I've lost 6.6 lbs. YES!!

To have a book such as this one that can help guide me to the "new look" for the "new me" would be awesome! I feel I've taken a big step towards planning for the new me by becoming a Premium member somtime ago and I enjoy the postings, such as this one, that help to inform us on how we can prepare ourselves for the new person we will become.

Thanks for the posting.


@ 11:36am ET on May 15, 2008
This book would be great to have. The few tips given in the article are already helpful. I have recently lost 20 lbs. on Jenny Craig but can't seem to motivate for regular exercise and need help with make up tips in order to create my fabulous comeback!

@ 1:03am ET on January 13, 2009
Thanks, John. I have the new Beauty Revival Guide that goes with the book coming out in a few weeks. Hopefully will help everyone stay on task. If not, at least it will hopefully help ME stay on task!

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