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So it's been about a year since I was last on here for my attempt at jump-starting my diet and wellness plan. I think I posted about two blogs and then was never seen again. But there has been so so much that has changed since then.

Around the time I was last on here I began a great relationship with a wonderful man named Matthew. Well, a year later and we are still going just a strong as ever! Him working for a Parks and Rec department definitely helps with my motivation since he's so active all the time.

Lets see what else.... I started a new job. I no longer work at the department store Belk. I now work for American Airlines in their reservations department. So that has certainly been an adventure the past few months. But I get to work from home which is nice.
Speaking of home, I moved and finally got my own apartment. So that's also been nice.

Sadly, this past year has not been all sunshine and rainbows. In October I lost my mother to a heart related issue. She always had super high blood pressure. She was at work and apparently she had said something to someone about having some jaw pain. Later she was in the back with one of the vendors and she collapsed out of no where. Losing her has had the biggest impact on my life. More so than anything to happen so far. It was like my world ended. I was the first one to get to the hospital so I was the first person in the family to find out. I've never experienced anything like that before. There are a lot of times where it still hits me pretty hard when I least expect it to, but for the most part I've been able to push through life pretty well lately. It's very much helped to have Matthew and my friends and other family members there with me.

On the diet front.... honestly I haven't made a lot of progress since this time last year. I'm still about where I've been for a while... somewhere in the 170-ish range in weight. 40-something inch waist. Size 16 pants. Ugh. I remember being a size 8 before.

Now that I'm back on my own and have complete control over what foods come into my apartment, I've finally decided it's time for me to get myself together and get back into things. Today I bought a pair of 1-pound dumbbells to use while I do Zumba. I bought a new WiiFit game to help with a few other things. There's a really nice walking trail around a lake at my apartment complex for me to walk around and it's about 2 miles long I think. Matthew also got me one of those big exercise balls to sit on while I'm at my desk working my American Airlines shifts so I have that to bounce on during the day in an attempt to stay active while I'm working.
I also bought some salad fixings and tonight I'm going to pre-make some salads so they'll be ready to go.

So all in all, I'm really going to try to make an effort. While I'm not sure if I'll get back to where I was before, if I can even make any sort of progress to slim down a bit that would be great!

So yes, I'm glad to be back! I'm sure I'll be welcomed back greatly! Tomorrow I plan to get my starting measurements documented on here and in a little notebook I just got so that I can document every step of the way so I can see my progress!!!!

Later days...

@ 9:00am ET on March 10, 2016
I'm sorry to hear of your loss. While nothing is harder than losing someone you love, I'm glad to hear there have been so many positive changes in your life. Welcome back.

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