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but we'll do something here ;) and.. that gives me some breathing room for the last 40-50# too :)

~ Soon... I'll be online more...~
Setting up the WII soon as we have a spot organized lol... dang house looks like hoarders with everything tore up and where it doesn't belong! ~ that right there... will kick the weight fast ;)

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@ 9:16pm ET on July 30, 2014
I partially ripped up the carpets from my kids bedrooms, the padding is still there, what a mess, there's only concrete underneath. Want to put in tile but I don't know how to do it. Did you say there was carpet in the bathroom? I've seen carpet in a kitchen... anyways, my story is similar, my kids want to switch rooms and we want to paint. lol Good job on the walking! And thanks for the update.

@ 12:42pm ET on July 31, 2014
Wowza, lots to do!! Making a list is always a great place to start :) Sounds like there is a lot of "refreshing" going on in your life right now. Cheers to that!! :)

@ 6:12pm ET on August 7, 2014
ArcticMom, I got lucky with this place.. all the carpet.. either had (brand new!!) padding and carpet under it, with linoleum under that OR the carpet has a tile under it! it's definitely a pain scraping (yea.. Dealt with ER and stitches last week!) but the kids can help so they are loving it! (ER was me not them!)

Bailey~ :) Definitely have lists, and definitely lots of "refreshing"!! also helps me keep busy until I find out if I lose the house (UGH... yea.. love the boss but hate the hours that don't cover bills) :)

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