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Well.. it's been a while since my last post.. still not online much, but oh well.....

Finally hit 194... was going between 194 and 204 until last week.. now that court is has been changed... got people watching the house.... that stress is going down :)

My keep busy (although.. not much up on weight loss front)list of to do :
1 Have 3bedrooms to tear carpet out of and scrap crud off the tile that was underneath
2 putting new handles on all doors (I switched to the 2sided deadbolts last month after someone entered my home while we were gone) so that everyone can lock/unlock and close the doors ;) yea... forgot that part lol
3 Main Bathroom has the carpet up.. but the wood under the cheap tile squares... is bad :( ... have to get someone to see what the cost will be.... Tub and plumbing need repaired and replaced... I'm tearing down the wallpaper and going to be painting it... soon as I can grab another can of paint... dont want ALL the rooms white lol
4 Re-piping? of the wood burning fireplace out back... so I can use that to help keep heating costs down this winter... and then have to figure how to cut all the lumber I got.. into wood to go IN it lol.. and I don't own tools for that... (or for anything really....)
5 Have a HUGE room... I've torn up the carpet, most the thin tiles, and scrubbed... painting the cement-ish floor... then have area rugs to put down, have to find new dividers (the big room is made to turn into 3 small rooms and 1 misshaped room)
6 Basement... those who stayed with me... had it flooding OFTEN.. haven't had even a drop of water out of place since they are all gone!! ... but all the built in workbenches.. are rotted underneath, and for some reason.. toads and little buggies are coming in somewhere (have to investigate..ew?) never had that issue before :( so.. redo the support legs on all them.. and then organize what should be in there :)
7 Havent had a laundry washer in many months... but a friend is giving me one this weekend (YAY) in exchange for storing a few things for her... so Laundry room is on the list (it's been a kind of storage since I have to use the laundrymat)
8 I got clothes for my girls out the wazooooo that I need to sort (a girlfriend left state.. and emptied their closets .. "we don't need this kind in Florida"... works 4 me lol) All my kids need the clothes sorted.. what fits and what doesn't.. and WOW.. I think I could open a clothing store here... until you look at my little pile of my clothes lol
9 while tearing up the floors... I'm playing musical bedrooms.. and painting rooms too... Im moving to the main room.. my oldest girl gets mine... my son gets the former girls room.. and the youngest girl gets his current room... UGH. so... all those beds and dressers...and... yea..
10 Okay... I didnt go in order... so not sure if thats all inside.. each sink needs fixed, both bathrooms need stuff.. flooring is all going etc.. paint.. rearrange... find space?

the BIGGEST thing?? when we moved in (with hubby) in 2012 he refused flat out to unpack... that HUGE room was eye high with boxes and crap... and in less than a month (told him only takes a few months!!) my trash guy must love me... I overload the maximum Im supposed to put out... I have most ALL that room sorted out.. and holy cow... back at trash pickup I had 2 pickup beds filled over top of cab.. to toss out.. well.. I've done many more that size since then :D and still going !!
Soon as the floors and painting are done.. this will be a great home.. and so organized I think Im seeing things!

.... now.. if I can catch up bills.. and get a home loan... yea... lets not go there :/

So... that is what I've been up to and what Im working on.. (and thats the short list.... there's tons more to fix up and work on !!)

as far as health... I had 3 teeth pulled.. one more to go (hate broken teeth.. and definitely pay more attention to who works on our mouths.. and the stress!!) UGH.
Kids and I have been walking... every other week for 3miles or so.. :) I walk if I have the option to... why not right? :)

DWF... looking to keep the positives up for the kids, and doing great for the most part :) Have looked into and will be placing the entire family in counseling for Emotional abuse rehab.. so hopefully it helps the kids with any lingering issues.
Staying away from people... mostly to avoid exhubby harassments.

Thank you to everyone for all the support throughout everything! Not looking like we are going on vacation this fall.. ...    Continue

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@ 9:16pm ET on July 30, 2014
I partially ripped up the carpets from my kids bedrooms, the padding is still there, what a mess, there's only concrete underneath. Want to put in tile but I don't know how to do it. Did you say there was carpet in the bathroom? I've seen carpet in a kitchen... anyways, my story is similar, my kids want to switch rooms and we want to paint. lol Good job on the walking! And thanks for the update.

@ 12:42pm ET on July 31, 2014
Wowza, lots to do!! Making a list is always a great place to start :) Sounds like there is a lot of "refreshing" going on in your life right now. Cheers to that!! :)

@ 6:12pm ET on August 7, 2014
ArcticMom, I got lucky with this place.. all the carpet.. either had (brand new!!) padding and carpet under it, with linoleum under that OR the carpet has a tile under it! it's definitely a pain scraping (yea.. Dealt with ER and stitches last week!) but the kids can help so they are loving it! (ER was me not them!)

Bailey~ :) Definitely have lists, and definitely lots of "refreshing"!! also helps me keep busy until I find out if I lose the house (UGH... yea.. love the boss but hate the hours that don't cover bills) :)

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