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Fit Life with Stephen Cabral

by Stephen Cabral, Fitness Professional

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I wanted to share with you a Diet.com video that I did that demonstrates how you can really work on toning and defining your abs while also improving your entire core.

This is an important distinction, since most ab exercises only focus on forward flexion of your lower back and for many people this can lead to back injuries...

So this abs video shows you how to tone those muscles under the "love handles" and helps you to create a smaller, tighter waist.

Also, I went ahead and showed you all 5 levels of this "oblique bridge" or "side plank" exercise from beginner to advanced, so that no matter what level you are at now you can watch yourself quickly improve. This is a cool point too, because as you move up to the next level you will know that your core and ab muscles are getting stronger!

Here are the 5 levels I go through in the video:

Level 1: Elbow, knees and feet touching the floor
Level 2: Feet and elbow touching
Level 3: Top arm raised
Level 4: Top leg raised
Level 5: Top leg and arm raised

When you get to level 5 there's no doubt you have some pretty strong core muscles!

Enjoy this video!

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Committed to your success,

Stephen Cabral, ND, CSCS
Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor
Health contributor for MTV, Men's Health, Women's Day, MAXIM, Diet.com, SELF

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